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I'm going to Hunter for one other with skiis, etc. (if they're 158s or shorter) Since cycling's out, I'm going north. Any advanced skiiers out there who want to take a ride? Let me know before 10:30 p.m.; use email address above.

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Dennis Wiener (not verified)

Sounds great but I have to work. Skied Belleayre on Monday, and while the machine made snow was a little icy the day and skiing were great. I'm hoping there was enough snow at Fahnestock Park to get the XC skis out on friday, otherwise monday I may take them up to North Lake if there really was 2' of snow up there. Downhill skiing is exhilarating, but XC gives you a good workout.

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)

Hi there -

I'll be back in NYC 3/6, after I finish this current gig of teaching skiing in Lake Tahoe. No car at present, but do have 161s and am an interested sharer of rides for day trips to Hunter IF there's skiing.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you're interested in company after my return.


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Anyone (not verified)
Danger Will Robinson

Uhm, this is an open board. Offering a ride to a possible stranger to a desolate location is asking for trouble.

This is akin to the old practice in colleges of posting for rides on an actual bulletin board. There's a reason people don't do that anymore.

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