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I read that as members of NYCC we get a $10.00 discount on the Montauk Century. Can someone tell me how to cash in on that during registration?


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chris y (not verified)

"I believe the discount was withdrawn once the double date/double ride issues were more fully aired.

recent update see:
other thread"

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Eric Rayvid (not verified)
Am I missing something?

I didn't see anything about a withdrawn discount?

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Jeff (not verified)
no discount

"Eric, the discount was for the ""Montauk Ride"", not the 5BBC Montauk Century. Many pages have been written regarding the subject in other threads on this message board, but to save you the agony of reading them all, I can summarize and tell you that there is no longer a discount. Sorry."

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Eric Rayvid (not verified)
No worries


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Peter Engel (not verified)
Stay tuned...

FYI, if you're a member of both the NYCC and 5BBC, you can use your 5BBC member status to get the $10.00 discount now.

Don't consider the issue dead. I was at last night's NYCC meeting and a few people brought up the subject. I've put the question about NYCC member discounts to the 5BBC's board. The main question is how we can set properly.

Stay tuned, I will have an answer....

Peter Engel
PR Guy, The 43rd Annual Montauk Century

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Glen (not verified)
The Truth About the Discount

"Howdy boys and girls.

Glen here. The 5BBC sued me about two weeks ago for the $100,000. The case has been settled by a court order signed by a judge, and I am VERY restricted by law on what I can say here. Here's the best I can tell you:

o As far as I can can figure it out, the NYCC created the Montauk Century. The NYCC ran it on its own for several years, and then it was run jointly with the AYH bicycle committee (the predecessor to the 5BBC) until ABOUT 1971, when the NYCC ceased involvement. (I'm unclear on the details here -- any info is welcome).

o The Montauk Century offers a discount to 5BBC members, but, to my knowledge, has never offered a discount to NYCC members.

o I am forbidden by court order from discussing any involvement I might have had with the Montauk Century. I CAN say that I have been running century rides to the town of Montauk since 1997, and that I created a popular and wonderful backroads route that I use, along with fantastic rest stops I created at Corey Beach, Westhampton Beach, and the Green Thumb fruit stand in Water Mill.

o When I started the Ride to Montauk -- for 2007, I offered a discount to NYCC members AND 5BBC members -- it just seemed fair that since the NYCC was the first to offer century rides to Montauk, its members should be recognized and offered a discount too. I was asked by the boards of both clubs to retract my discount offer, and I have done so.

Friends, there is all sorts of valid debate here, and good points on all sides, but I am somewhat at a loss on how ANY cyclist is better served by NOT getting a discount for something that they voluntarily choose to purchase.

I would encourage you to contact your friendly board members and tell that that as dues-paying club members you LIKE paying less. I will re-institute the discount immediately if I get the OK from either club board.



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Eric Rayvid (not verified)

"Thank you Peter.

To everyone on this board. Please accept my apologies for starting this thread. I did not mean to open this can of worms yet again. I thought I was asking an innocent question.

Is there anyway to remove this thread? I don't know who the Webmaster is, but I, as the one who started this discussion would be happy to NOT see it when I check the boards.

If, what Peter indicates above comes to fruition, maybe an e-blast could go out to the membership so there are no (ahem) unwarranted self-promoting replies.

Just a thought. I'm grouchy today as I didn't sleep much last night. Sorry if this is a little ""short."""

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Why delete it?

It speaks volumes.

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Peter Engel (not verified)

"Following Tuesday night's meeting, I promised to get back with an answer:

For the 2007 Montauk Century on Sunday, May 20th, the $10 discount that applies to members of the Five Borough Bicycle Club will also be available to all members of the New York Cycle Club.

By Saturday, an NYCC discount selection will be added at our site, which is accessible through

Many"" target=""_new"">


thanks to all of you who were at the jam-packed Feb. 13th meeting. Your hospitality was much appreciated!

Peter Engel
Five Borough Bicycle Club
PR Guy, The 2007 Montauk Century

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