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Hi -

I am a journalist working for a bicycle magazine. I am currently working on a story about the complexities of couples riding together. I would like to interview a counselor/therapists who also knows about cycling about the risks and side-effects for a relationship of cycling together and what to watch for to make it work. Is there anyone ou there who would talk to me? Please email me at [email protected]

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Lance (not verified)
hmmm... I think I'll stay away from Rock Stars. (nm)
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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Are you really sure about that?
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Lance (not verified)

all she wants to do is have some fun .

Anyway - she is looking for someone to date again that is 10 years younger than her & who is a cyclist (what better way to meet her new hitch than in a cycling camp - no?).

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Cycing partner (not verified)

If you want to start a group i know a few(myself includeed) that have done it, Perhaps we can share stories. i wouldn't reccomend it

All stories end disastrous!

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sebastian (not verified)

i am not too sure what any of these postings have to do with my request. anyone out there who could seriously help me with a professional opinion?

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
Couples, Love & Cycling


Have you read Bike for Life by Roy Wallack and Bill Katovsky? It's not a professional opinion that you need, but quite a book that motivates people to cycle. There is one section that talks about couples and cycling. Like how does one cyclist relate if the significant other rides little or not at all?

One guy solved his bike riding woes by marrying an older woman (his first marriage ended in divorce because of his cycling.) While he goes on long distance rides, she has a career job to work. They had their mutual needs met by letting each other do their owh thing.

Another guy balanced his time by planning his rides, his job and most importantly spending time with his wife and their children.

John Forrester's Effective Cycling had a section about meeting a significant cycling other. He mentioned having a road tandem. And yes, he had a bad first marriage (that wife didn't cycle), but got a second chance meeting a good woman (cyclist.)

From my experience, I have observed:
An improbable cycling couple: One fellow was a NYCC A-SIG graduate. He met a girl who was a 5BBC bike leader, who usually rides no more than 50 miles. They liked each other so much, they got married.

I saw them several years ago, on Rt. 9W, on a Sun. He (the A- cyclist) rode at a pace to accomodate his wife. He probably did an A ride the day before...

For a time, they lived in Hoboken and during a party, I saw their bikes placed side by side on a wall, above a fireplace.

Another example: one lady, who was a member with both 5BBC & NYCC. One time after I led a 5BBC training ride, she would quickly ride home to Little Italy, to be with her husband, who rarely rode a bicycle. About a year later, I went on her first & only NYCC ride she led, same thing. The moment we got to the finish, after drinks, she pedaled back to her husband.

I'm sure there's related couple stories in the club, worthy of a NYCC Bulletin article or a NYCC General Meeting topic. Too bad nobody's written about it in the Feb. issue, esp. with Valentine's Day looming...


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sebastian (not verified)

Thanks for those tips and stories!


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