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"come join me for the gimbel's ride on sunday morning.

we meet at the corner of 125th and madison.

8:30 sharp.

if you can keep up on a fast ""A"" ride, you will not have trouble keeping up on this ride. i don't have maps, nor cue sheets, so don't even ask me for one. if you know lower westchester, that would help. bring metro-north pass because this winter i've gotten into the habit of training it home from new rochelle.

this is your chance to put in some miles and hours on the bike without even trying. the time flies by. plus when it's cold out, riding with a group of 20-40 riders provides more than enough motivation.

please be self-sufficient. questions: toddtheracer (at) yahoo (dot) com



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Todd Brilliant (not verified)
and another thing...

it'll be around 20 degrees at 8:30, but the ride is most definitely ON.

so again, if you don't mind riding in the cold, but can never get anyone to join you, this is the ride for you.


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