2007 Montauk Century: May 20th, It's On!

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"There is no longer be any confusion about two bike rides to Montauk on May 20th.

In early February, the Five Borough Bicycle Club (5BBC) agreed to a court-ordered settlement with Glen Goldstein. The result? The 5BBC's Montauk Century will roll on Sunday, May 20th. The other ride will be run on a separate date, which he will announce.

Now that the matter is closed, can we count on NYCC members to ride or volunteer on May 20th? Please come to http://www.5bbc.org/montauk/ for more information. If you would like to register, there's a direct link to Active.com from our site.

Proceeds of the 43rd annual Montauk Century, sponsored by the 5BBC,help support the many activities of our non-profit, all-volunteer
club. That includes free day rides, multi-day weekend trips, monthly meetings, classes on bike repair, our newsletter, website and innovative leadership training program.

Thanks for your time.

Peter Engel
Five Borough Bicycle Club
Public Relations, 2007 Montauk Century Ride


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Steve (not verified)

Guess that means Glen was right.

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Josh (not verified)

Right about what, Steve?

cycling trips