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I have entered the Leadville 100 race in August and need to start some serious HILL training. What routes in the NYC area would be best for shaping the mind and body?

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Dennis Wiener (not verified)

If this is the mtb race you mean I'd worry more about the altitude than the hills.



50 miles out and back. Start/Finish in the heart of Leadville @ 10,200’. 90%+ dirt or double track dirt roads. Steep climbs: serious descents. 7 mile climb to the 50 mile turnaround at 12,600 ft. Approximately 14,000’ elevation gain. Greater than 65% average finish rate under the 12 hour limit. Excellent support stations.

For some really steep hills, you might try the area around Ringwood NJ. The book 30 bicycle tours in NJ has a route called the Skylands that starts and ends at Ringwood Manor. Never rode it but scouted it with car and GPS last summer, and decided it was a litte too much hill for me. If you go there use some caution. Some of the roads around the reservoirs get narrow in spots can and can have some heavy truck traffic midweek. There are also some mtn bike trails in Ringwood park. But getting used to riding at 10000+ feet can only be done at altitude. Hope you plan on getting out there earlier than the race date to acclimate. Altitude sickness is not fun.

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carl (not verified)
hill climbs

"The ""classic"" hill climbs around here include ""Little Tor"" & Bear Mtn in Rockland County, as well as many other climbs. Many good hill routes are possible from stations along the Hudson Line of Metro North. See the ""Ride Listings"" on the website for rides that feature these places.

Though harder to get to without a car, there are climbs in the Catskills with some vertical rises of 2 to 3,000 feet.

If you want somewhere quick and handy, there's always ""River Road"" in Palisades Park.

Also, many of the STS rides that start in March will get you into hill climbing.

These climbs prepared me well enough for a very hilly ride I did last July in Durango area.


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Eric Rayvid (not verified)
I've watched this race

I used to live at 10,200 feet off of highway 103 in Idaho Springs. We would ride up the highest paved road in North America (said highway 103) and watch this guy Lance as nothing more than a wee pup training for the Olympics (not that I trained for the Olympics).

I watched this race for two years while living there. The first year I went a guy from Texas had gotten off a plane the morning before the race and dropped dead at the start.

If you've never been at altitude before you should know it takes at least two weeks to acclimate to race. Also, the previous post about training at altitude is spot on; nothing can prepare you for this other than thinner air.

Good luck and God speed!

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Story (not verified)

There is a 50 mile race a month before the 100. I plan to get out there 2 weeks before that and stay and train for the duration until the 100. Any one want to come? Who needs a job.

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Ryan R. (not verified)
Where the air is rare

"I once played a college lacrosse game in colorado and we flew out a week prior to the tournament to adj to the alt. So WORTH going out early. You'll still feel like there is lead in the legs but imagine not going out early at all.

Side bar we played a game in colorado springs like the 2nd day there and on the mtn side next to the field there hung a sign under the score board that said somehting along the lines of...

""welcome to 5,865 ft, where the air is rare.""

-Never forgot that, funny and painful at the sametime.


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Jay (not verified)
Perkins & River Rd Alpine climbs may be closed now

It is unclear whether the police will bother cyclists. By Bear Mtn, I think they mean Perkins which is sort of behind the Bear Mtn Park.

A few years I had to check out my injured leg at this time of the year so as to commit myself to a summer trip crossing the Cont Divide several times.

I did it on Storm King above West Point It is 9W and has a decent climb not that far from NY. Around Piermont we have some short steep climbs including Ash, Clausland Mtn, etc. The climbs around Piermont are OK to ride right now--I did it today.

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Rob Maynard (not verified)

if you can make it out to Orange county you can ride 17a. Not sure of the mountain name but it takes you over where Sterling Forest is and ends up in Greenwood Lake, NY continue on 17a and go up a seccond mountain into Warwick, At the top there is Belvale Creamery. (handmade ice cream) then a nice decent. make a left at south street (larry's deli) follow this uphill to Cascade rd. turn Left and continue to 17a turn right and return the way you came. Super mountains!!!! steep climbs. and enjoy. I'll be out there as much as possible. I'll be riding in Colorado this summer. I gotta get it on too!

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