let's try again -- b-sig preview ride saturday 2/10

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"hopefully the weather will cooperate this time. note the change of time to 9:00, and we have no rain date. not to put a curse on us, but keep an eye on the message board as saturday approaches.

B15 50+/- 09:00 AM

B-SIG Preview/Group Training Ride

Leaders: Linda Wintner, [email protected], 212-876-2798; Paul Hoffher, [email protected]; Steve Chabra, [email protected], 212-677-1090

From: Central Park Boathouse

If you're thinking about joining the B-SIG this spring, or just want to learn about group riding techniques, or want get some group riding practice, join us. (This ride is not mandatory for the B-SIG.)

The leaders will introduce some group riding concepts before the ride starts. As we ride, you can expect some gentle coaching, and over lunch we can talk about the B-SIG's goals, the skills training included, and the rides you'll do, as well as general principles of safe group riding.

There are plenty of bail-outs on the way if the weather turns nasty (bring your Metro North train pass and a MetroCard).

Feel free to call or email the leaders with questions about the ride. We'll stop for a checkpoint/bailout at the last subway stop before we leave the city if anyone appears to be having problems with the pace.

Bring plenty of water and some pocket food as our pit stops out and back have no water or snacks. (Lunch will be at a bagel shop.)

By the end of the day, we'll be an impressive sight, riding together in a straight line, working together to navigate the road and the route.

Cancels: (1) precipitation or serious threat of precipitation, (2) wet or icy roads, or (3) high temperature forecast for the day below 35 degrees. If in doubt, check the Message Board one hour before the start or call one of the leaders. (Note: Linda won't have access to emails or the Message Board after 6pm on Friday.)

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steve chabra (not verified)

we'll post to the message board by 7:30 saturday morning with a go/no-go.

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