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NYCC volunteer recognition dinner
For those of you who qualify please be sure to register
THROUGH THE WEB SITE at February Special Event
Richard Rosenthal, for all the rides you lead I expect to see you there
[I know for a fact you have yet to register] as well as the rest of you.
You don’t want to just read about this one after…
So please don’t wait for the last minute and play havoc with my social life. so, just do it. now!
hal eskenazi, dir, special events

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
The club's special events are GREAT but they happen w/o me.

Hal, thanks for the special recognition, but so long as you expect, oh, say, more than four, maybe five people, it's highly unlikely I'll come. I just don't enjoy parties or large gatherings—which I define as six or more people including me. Never have. Never will. I attribute it to my lack of social skills, my social maladroitness. I will come to my own funeral in the expectation it will not be larger than four or five people. But will the four or five of you please keep the small talk to a minimum lest I be made to feel uncomfortable?

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Sienna (not verified)
Now you'll have to outlive us all

Richard, my father said the same thing about his funeral, and then something like 100 people came... although they were mostly my mother's friends. But in your case, sorry, please expect the entire NYCC to attend. We will sit around for hours telling our favorite Richard stories, then we will name a local hill after you, and begin an annual Richard Rosenthal Memorial Ride - perhaps a 3-day club weekend.

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HL (not verified)
yep... I'll be driving my Hummer (while on my cellphone) as

I double park on a bike lane - just to be there for Richard's funeral. ~Just kidding

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
Transportation & Libation

Transportation & Libation;
For those in need:

Woolworth Bldg
@ Park Pl & Broadway [enter on Barclay]
Trains to take
2 or 3 to Park Place
4 or 5 to Fulton St
A or C to Broadway-Nassau
E to World Trade Center
J, M, or Z to Fulton
R or W to City Hall
Wine & soda will be “free” flowing”. Mixed drinks will be cash bar [$5 instead of usual $7]
Taxi’s outside if we need to put you in one.

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
Updated information

A number of you have replied to [email protected] asking that your participation be forwarded to
the proper person. Not to worry, I am the proper person & I am receiving your confirmations.
For those who are not sure if they qualify, as was the case of several people who asked me last night, re-read the bulletin / web description of “qualifications” and if still not sure e-mail me at the events address.
Points of information. I suggest not bringing your bike as the wine bar will be an “open bar” [all you’d like]. Mixed drinks will be a cash bar but at $5 per instead of their usual $7.
And now, since this is a Volunteer Recognition Dinner, I’m going to get shameless and ask for 2 volunteers who are good with a camera to take photos of the evening. You can respond at [email protected] see you all thurs 2-22-07. hal eskenazi– dir special events

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