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Hi all,

Looking for some advice on getting a fixed gear. I would be using this for both training and rec purposes.

I've looked at the Cannondale Capo and the Specialized Langster but i dont really know much about the fixed gear bikes in general.

Any advice/insight would be great. Thanks.


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chris y (not verified)

"I just got a new set of track wheels to set up my fixed at Trackstar. they seem know their stuff and only have fixed gear stuff.

They have moved to just around the corner from where the article says they are...

now at 231B Eldridge Street between Stanton and Houston

If you have an old frame that fits with horizintal drop outs, it's farther cheap to set up with e-bay parts...

useful resource:

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Langster & IRO

I started with a Langster from Habitat and it has survived two years of daily commuting with no problem. Only things I have changed are the tires, handlebars (wanted narrow), and the bottom bracket (not sure it was necessary). This lightweight aluminum bike is a great value and gives you the option of riding freewheel singlespeed at first if you need to get your courage up, as I did.

IRO cycles ( is now making a couple of very inexpensive steel-frame lines. My new Mark V commuter will be debuting this spring. Trackstar and Recycle a Bicycle both sell these bikes. Trackstar nabbed one of the 46-cm frames for me, which are produced in very small runs.

Good luck -- you will have fun!

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
"""NYC yo!"""

"I'd never heard of the Capo before, so I looked it up. Very silly marketing, besides the fact that ""Capo"" has negative connotations (Italian crime, Nazi concentration camps).


How did we do it?

1. We identified the root of fixed gear and messenger culture. NYC yo!

2. We worked with shops who are face to face with these riders everyday... Toga NYC, Sid's NYC, Larry and Jeff's NYC.

3. We developed our rider performance criteria: Style, Simplicity, Durability And Handling.

And built the bike."

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Copycat marketing

They must have figured it worked so well for Specialized, which sells something like 5,000 Langsters a year. (Sounds like gangster; gun metal gray, and in the newer models, Gothic lettering. Just add your own personalized ripped T-shirt).

Stupid marketing ploys. Why I put pink streamers on my handlebars.

This might be reason enough to buy the IRO -- it's just a bike. (NB: I haven't ridden mine yet, it ain't built.)

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