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The Floyd Fairness Fund is pleased to announce a Town Hall fundraiser with 2006 Tour De France Champion Floyd Landis, co-hosted by Deno's WONDER WHEEL Cycling team and emceed by ESPN/ABC cycling commentator John Eustice. Proceeds will support Floyd in his efforts to attain a fair hearing as he fights unsubstantiated doping allegations and works to establish a legacy of advocacy for athlete's rights.

This event will take place Wednesday, February 7th from 7-10pm @ The Brooklyn Brewery 70 North 11th St., Brooklyn

For event details please contact Brooke Emerson @ [email protected]

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I.P. Frealy (not verified)
To: Ryan R.

You rock Dude!!!!!

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cyclist (not verified)
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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Landis's case as reported today in some e-newsletter (RBR Publ.)

"Today in Paris and somewhere in the U.S. on May 14 are two key dates in Floyd Landis's life.

The French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) is moving ahead with its hearing on Landis today. A decision by the nine-member panel could mean a ban from racing on French soil (i.e., in the Tour de France) for as long as two years. Or the hearing might determine that Landis is innocent, that he did not use a banned substance, testosterone, while winning the 2006 Tour.

The agency could also postpone its ruling, which is what Landis's lawyers are requesting.

Then in mid May, Landis will at long last have his appeal heard by a three-member arbitration panel in the U.S. This is the big one. If his legal team fails to convince the panel that his testosterone irregularities in the 17th stage were due to sloppy procedures by the
French national doping lab, Landis stands to lose his Tour title and all prize money. He would be banned from sanctioned competition for two years and ProTour team membership for four years.

Those penalties could mean that Landis, 31, is finished in pro racing. He underscored the likelihood in December when he said, ""If I'm banned for four years and stripped of my title and prize-money, I'll never
race again. My desire for it would have been obliterated.""

AFLD president Phillipe Bourdry told the Associated Press that Landis can be assured of a fair hearing today even though the rider won't attend. ""It's not because someone is positive that he must be automatically suspended,"" said Bourdry. ""The rights of the defense are very important.""

Landis's lawyers have asked the AFLD to delay its ruling until a decision has been reached in the U.S. The May hearing apparently will be open to the public at Floyd's request. He's said he wants his defense understood by everyone.

His legal team is still trying to obtain lab reports on his other urine samples at the Tour, all of which showed no illegal drugs in his system and especially not the synthetic testosterone he was found positive for after stage 17. Landis claims that test was flawed for various reasons.

Arnie Baker, M.D., the RBR eBook author who has coached and advised Landis for years, is leading a group of medical experts that contends it has found flaws in the French doping lab's procedures.

""The results are not reliable,"" said Baker. ""The whole document is riddled with errors. The sample was clearly contaminated and mislabeled. I'm not sure whose urine I'm looking at here.

""This whole thing is so full of errors I don't know what to think except I can't call it a positive test,"" Baker added. ""I don't think the [U.S. Anti-doping Agency] should be looking at sanctions. I think
[the World Anti-Doping Agency] should be looking to improve practices.""

There will be no USADA reaction to any defense charges until the May hearing, said the agency's general counsel, Travis Tygartfrom. ""Unfortunately, as a case gets played out in the media, people will only ever see one side of that story,"" he said in November. ""Our rules don't allow us to comment.""

However, if the May hearing is indeed public, everyone will get the chance to observe the arguments firsthand. Landis is thought to be the only U.S. athlete ever to request that his doping trial be aired in the sunshine.

Depending on the arbitration panel's verdict, either Landis or the USADA could appeal the result to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Its decision would be final."

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Herb (not verified)

"Floyd Landis will skip the Tour de France -- and all races in France this year -- as part of an agreement with French doping authorities in a case that could strip him of cycling's most prestigious title.

Last year's Tour champion had hip-replacement surgery 4 1/2 months ago and was unlikely to have competed in this year's Tour. He agreed Thursday not to race again in France until 2008, and in return the French anti-doping agency postponed its decision on whether to suspend him from competing in France for a maximum of two years because of a positive doping test.

""Floyd is pleased that the AFLD has agreed with his council's request that they suspend this proceeding,"" spokesman Michael Henson said.

Earlier, AFLD president Pierre Bordry said Landis ""understood perfectly that if he didn't act today, we would start the procedure immediately.""

Landis will go before the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency on May 14 and, following that, the AFLD will deliver its verdict in June.

""We will let Landis defend himself as he wishes,"" Bordry said.

The American, who has denied wrongdoing, did not appear at Thursday's meeting of the AFLD's nine-member panel, but sent a lawyer who read his request for a delay.

In the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, Landis said the parallel cases in France and the United States were complicating matters. He asked the French agency to hold off until after the U.S. agency rules. The USADA will hold its hearings May 14.

""In this case, and in order to avoid any misunderstanding, I agree to voluntarily not participate in any professional or amateur cycling event in France until December 31, 2007, and in particular the Tour de France 2007,"" Landis said in the letter.

Bordry said Landis deserves to be heard by the USADA. However, Bordry echoed Tour de France president Christian Prudhomme's sentiment that the American agency was dragging out its process.

Landis spokesman Michael Henson said Landis was happy with the AFLD's decision.

""Floyd is pleased that the AFLD has agreed with his council's request that they suspend this proceeding until the (USADA) hearing is held in May,"" Henson said by telephone.

Landis' urine sample after a 17th-stage win in last year's Tour de France was found to contain elevated testosterone to epitestosterone levels. He risks being the first rider in the 104-year history of the race to be stripped of his title. Prudhomme has said the Tour no longer considers him the winner.

Landis argues that the Chatenay-Malabry laboratory which carried out the tests is unreliable, a view shared by seven-time Tour champion Lance Armstrong.

Amy Bolger, of the Brooklyn borough of New York, stands by as American cyclist Floyd Landis, right,winner of the 2006 Tour de France, autographs an item for her at a fundraiser for the Floyd Fairness Fund, Wednesday Feb. 7, 2007 in the Brooklyn borough of New York. The fund is being used to help Landis fight allegations of doping for the 2006 Tour de France.
AP - Feb 7, 10:58 pm EST
Landis insisted again on his innocence at a fundraising rally in New York on Wednesday night. He vowed to fight the ""lack of leadership at the top of cycling and at the top of the anti-doping agencies.""

Bordry said Landis reserves the right to contest the French lab, but maintains the ""A"" and ""B"" samples both showed positive readings.

""The 'A' sample tested positive for testosterone. So we asked Mr. Landis, at the time, if he wanted to do a 'B' sample test,"" Bordry said. ""A 'B'-sample test was done at Chatenay-Malabry in the presence of an expert nominated by Mr. Landis, (and) paid by him.""

Also present, Bordry said, were ""an expert nominated by the USADA, and an expert nominated by the International Cycling Union.""

He said all ""these experts signed the report"" agreeing th"

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Bob Ross (not verified)
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Joe S. (not verified)

"That's brilliant.

""Proceeds will support Floyd in his efforts to attain a fair hearing as he fights unsubstantiated doping allegations . . ."" Unsubstantiated???

I guess two positive test results don't count for much. Next time your doc suggests Lipitor b/c your bloodwork shows your cholesterol is at 300, tell him that his reccomendation is unsubstantiated."

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Phonak Team Accountant (not verified)

Joe-Show up and tell that to floyd in person. It would be interesting to see how he responds. By the way- How do you account for the fact that every test he took prior was negative and that all of the experts on Testosterone say that in order for it to have any positive effect on perfomance, it must be taken over time to have a cumulative effect. Not the morning of or evening before Stage 17. How do you explain that? Hmmmm, 7 years of American domination (Of a very French event) and there goes Floyd and does it again. Like this doesn't have the makings of a conspiracy?

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Joe S. (not verified)

"Not sure what your point is about making my comments to Floyd in person? Not to mention the irony of this suggestion coming from someone who doesn't disclose his/her name.

Regarding the uses of testosterone: in addition to muscle growth, it is also used for recovery between large exertion efforts.

You raise some interesting points, and I don't profess to be an expert on doping or its detection, but the Phonak Team obviously thought the test results were condemning enough to fire Landis.

I don't object to Landis fighting to prove his innocence - but his defense team's claim that the doping allegations are ""unsubstantiated"" is, well, unsubstantiated."

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Phonak Team Accountant (not verified)

"Joe- My name is John R., I am an idiot and I did not mean to come at you in an antagonistic way. I also appreciate your response and opinion. Your last point about Phonak firing him is interesting. It seems that in the European cycling world riders are deemed to be guilty via the press and then need to prove their innocence. Clearly, the way the teams almost have to react is to separate that rider from the team as soon as possible to remove all connections to a ""cheater"". See CSC, T-Mobile as well. In this country we are innocent until proven guilty. Isn't it ironic that we just witnessed a Super Bowl that had allowed a player Tank Johnson, to play in the game while he is basically under arrest for a series of major transgressions (Guns, Drugs, Pit Bulls, etc.) He will be allowed his due process, why should Floyd? My point is that by firing Floyd, Phonak did nothing more than protect their his rear end (Which in the end did not prevent his demise) and that his firing should have no bearing on whether he doped or not."

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Joe S. (not verified)

"If Phonak believed the allegations were ""unsubstantiated"", they may have had an incentive to stick by their team leader and help prove his innocence. Otherwise, agreed they would want to distance themselves from the situation.

Some have raised Landis' vigorous fight to clear his name as evidence that he is innocent - i.e., why spend so much time and effort to clear his name if he knows he is guilty and realizes that his odds are extremely small. But as with many of the facts of this case, this appeal can fit in with many different theories. I'll offer one.

As far as I know, Landis still has his wife, friends, cycling camps, etc. Consider what would happen if he denied the allegations but didn't fight back - would he still have the aforementioned? It's possible Landis, by deciding to declare his innocence, put himself into a position where the only feasible path was to fight the allegations for some time. So his plan may be to fight for awhile with other people's money and, barring a reversal on a technicality, eventually declare defeat and say that he is moving on with his life. This allows him to save his relationships, cycling camps, etc. Again, this is just a theory, and this scandal certainly has no shortage of those.

If he actually doped, I think his best course of action would have been to admit it right away and apologize for it. Though the Tour would have been unwilling to forgive that indiscretion, I think his family and friends, and perhaps even some cycling fans, would have. But it's too late to do that now."

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PLee (not verified)
Floyd's testosterone results

There were three test results, one on his A sample and two on his B sample. The three numbers were widely dissimilar. I haven't heard anyone address how that can happen, so I'm tending to think that Floyd is the victim here.

In any event, I totally deplore the lack of due process with regard to doping allegations in the cycling world. It seems to take not a whole lot more than an accusation to jeopardize a professional athlete's livelihood, and that's not right. The apparently constant leaks to the press by cycling's regulatory bodies are despicable

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tom (not verified)
Floyd Landis event

Joe -

I have heard Arnie Baker's presentation and it is fascinating, revealing, and quite disturbing. If you can make it tonight, I think it might shed a whole new light on things for you. From the very beginning, I thought the allegations did not make sense. Now, after hearing Dr. Baker's presentation, I am more convinced than ever. I hope you can make it.

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Joe S. (not verified)
Arnie Baker presentation


Thanks for mentioning Dr. Baker's presentation. I viewed it online (http://www.floydfairnessfund.org).

It's an interesting presentation. Allow me to make a few observations.

1. Yes, you can certainly view this presentation at Landis’ “town hall” event, but this is hardly an objective way to digest this information. For those considering going to the event because they are interested in the content of the presentation, I suggest viewing the slideshow and notes online, forming your own questions, and then attending the event to have your questions answered.

2. Slide titled “Sample Number Questionable”: this page suggests that the specimen transport record for the “doped” sample does not show Landis’ ID number. It is quite possible that the person recording these numbers strokes his/her “4” in a way that many people would read it as a “6”. Notice this slide has both the full page of the transport record and a blowup of the athlete ID numbers. The blowup shows only 6 of the 7 numbers on the transport record – conveniently enough, it excludes the first number which clearly shows what the recorder’s “6” looks like. If you see the recorder’s natural “6”, you might agree with me that the number they suggest is 995476 is actually 995474, which is Landis’ number.

In fact, look at the obvious “4” in 99547(4/6). Then look at the less obvious “4” in the number just below, ending in 747. Then look at the last digit in 99547(4/6). See how these are all basically the same stroke? If they blow up the first number for you, you’ll see the recorder’s “6” has a different stroke altogether.

3. There are other alleged labeling discrepancies, but I would assume that in the full test documentation, there are enough pages with ID numbers that a numbering discrepancy in one or two numbers is not going to be sufficient to clear Landis.

4. The B sample appears to have been contaminated. This may be what saves Landis. But it does not explain the positive result on the uncontaminated A sample. So while he may get off on a technicality, it doesn’t mean he didn’t cheat. Unfortunately, we may never know definitively.

5. As far as I know, there hasn’t been a detailed response from the lab, WADA or UCI. I assume this will come out at the hearing – stay tuned.


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tom (not verified)
Arnie Baker presentation

Hi Joe -

Yes, and in the meeting I was able to attend (not a Town Hall meeting) your very concerns/observations were raised. Again, I do think that hearing Dr. Baker's presentation MIGHT shed a different light on the case for those who are understandably skeptical. Thankfully, the May 14th proceedings will be conducted in an open forum. That will be a much tougher audience than a Town Hall meeting. Should be interesting.

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Joe S. (not verified)
nm (nm)
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Tom (not verified)

"Let me first say (i) that I want to believe that Floyd is innocent and (ii) unfortunately, nobody but Floyd (and if sabotaged, the sabboteur(s)) will ever know the truth.

Now, to respond to a couple of points raised previously:
1. If every prior test was negative, except for the one following the 17th stage, maybe the positive was the result of poor masking whereas all the previous ones were masked correctly. Just a thought in rebuttal.
2. Not all the experts have said that testosterone's effects are long-term - some have said it could have short-term benefit as well. I'm no expert, and I want to believe in Floyd's innocence, but it is not correct to say that ""all of the experts on Testosterone....""

Overall, a pretty sh-tty state of affairs for everyone involved (Floyd, Tour, cycling, fans).

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Ryan R. (not verified)
Cheating and the Pissed off French

"Just going to say first off that I hope Floyd is innocencet as he claims.

(now for the social commentary)
I find it disgusting that the press and public opion lables athletes liars/cheats before they can have their day in court.

On a side bar worth noting...wouldn't we all, ""if we were the french associated press and the french public,"" be upset, and down right pissed, that we can't get a countryman of our own to win the TdF. A grand event held in their own country which is now being dominated from abroad. It certainly would make me a bit jaundiced.

This problem is much akin to how the US cannot win the world baseball classic or olympic gold, in a sport we freaking created.

i'm done - back to work. Thanks!

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Steve W (not verified)

Can someone provide subway directions to the Brookly Brewery location from Wall Street?

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Take any train to 14th St

Then transfer to the Brooklyn-bound L, and exit at first stop in Brooklyn (Bedford Ave). Walk four blocks from N. 7th St to N. 11th St, and make a left and then walk two blocks to the brewery.

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John R. (not verified)

for those of us who are not familiar with Brooklyn, are those blocks relatively safe?

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The area isnt bad (not verified)

It's in williamsburgh which isnt bad, the actual block that it is on is very industrial. What time is everyone heading over?

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