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I am sorry if this is a repeat message but does anyone know what weekend the STS starts?... I need to get back in shape in time! Thanks!

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fred steinberg (not verified)
A19 STS Starts Saturday Mar 3rd

.... and runs thru Saturday May 12th.

The ride schedule is almost finalized and will be available at the next NYCC club meeting, Tuesday February 13th at Annie Moore's and emailed after.

We have a nucleus of great leaders: Ron Roth, Gerald Seppy and Cat Bent and need a few more. If interested contact me ASAP. A commitment for the whole program isn't needed, a few rides would be fine.

Remember, the A19 STS rides are for experienced A riders. It is not a training program. We will reinforce what has been learned and emphasize safe, common sense riding.

Please do not contact me before next Tuesday on this. I will build an address list and email to those who are interested, after next weeks NYCC meeting.

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