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I need a little help in making a charitable contribution and I’m looking for a worthy organization.
Having recently moved our offices, and changing the direction of our business to be virtual, we contributed substantial amounts of furniture and fixtures to a non profit organization in harlem. We have additional, excellent quality, furniture [desks, chairs, conf desk old but working computers, etc that we’d like to contribute, similarly, to a school, non profit, synagogue, church, etc.
Does anyone have a worthy candidate that can put these items to use? They would simply have to pick up.

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jc (not verified)
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JIM N (not verified)
Materials for the Arts maybe?


They will pick up. I am not sure that they will take everything though. Giving stuff away is harder than it seems."

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Housing Works and Salvation Army

Both pick up, both help actual living people. HW does more frequent pickups, I believe.

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Debbie Rothschild (not verified)
Project Renewal

Our own club member, Ed Geffner heads up Project Renewal, a fabulous organization of shelters and programs for homeless addicts, mentally ill and dually diagnosed. It really is a wonderful system of programs. I have done volunteer work for them but also made donations of furniture and appliances that I was told would go directly to people who were setting up their own apartments for the first time.

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Patricia Janof (not verified)
The Doe Fund

What a great posting, Hal. You might also consider the Doe Fund. They take homeless men and women, give them the dignity of private rooms and communal meals, and teach them job skills. Doe Fund people 'graduate' when they get a job.

When they first enter the Doe Fund program, they're put in blue uniforms and put on street cleaning detail, where most of us see them. During this time, they're evaluated and then placed in various job training programs.

The Fund has 3 facilities--a 200 bed in Harlem, and a 400-bed in E. Williamsberg and 70-bed in Bedsty.

The web site is, and you can contact Elizabeth Lion at [email protected].

BTY, I also donate items to Housing Works.

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Ed (not verified)

Is the doe fund simply a cheap source of labour for corrupt bids--some of which have been busted or nearly so for fraud--that encourages dependence and takes advantage of mentally-ill chemically-addicted men and women, mostly of color?

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Why has no one mentioned a cycling-based recipient?

We know TA is essentially well taken care of for such things. Ditto Right-of-Way. But how can it be on this board, a cycling board, no one thought to put forward Time's Up, a group that has suffered terrible harrassment and arrests due to its cycling? Even if you disapprove of their tactics in Critical Mass, the fact is a number of them have been arrested while doing nothing illegal.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Time's Up

When I have bike parts or clothes I don't want, I just take them down to Time's Up on Houston Street and leave them in the basement on one of the shelves, where it's clear it's all for the taking.

Time's Up might be able to use furniture, or find someone who could. The process might take a little longer. Contact them via their Web site:

Their greater need is probably for cash donations to replace their space or fund programs, but I could be wrong. So thanks for thinking of them, Richard.

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