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Bob B. (not verified)
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bill vojtech (not verified)
seems like...

The answer to a question not asked.

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Phil Mataint (not verified)
Taint got time for trolling (nm)
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numb (not verified)
Thanks for the responses so far

Please explain; ...after posting a thread containing viable information ,the content of which is about saddle choices and terminology for men who might be having trouble with their taint (which for the un- informed & infantile ,is a legitimate term),the two twits (also a legitimate term)who probably wouldn't notice if they had a problem in the first place ,that replied ,reacted as though this was a pornograghic subject , soooooo sad ,grow up !!!

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bill vojtech (not verified)


This seat, (spongy wonder), has been around for many years in one incarnation or another. The thing the designers don't realize is that a rider uses the nose to shift his or her body weight and help steer the bike.

If there were a major infertility problem from cycling, it would have become evident long ago. Most people who ride manage to procreate when they want to. That's not to say that some people may be damaged by a bad interface with the saddle.

I'd be more worried about the metal rail protruding in front of the seating area. One slip and you make contact.

The media and non-cycling medical people like to concoct cycling scare stories from time to time– it sell newspapers and wacky bike seats. And then humorless twits start running around like chicken little repeating the drivel.

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Dr. Bob (not verified)
Perenium Problems

"Many cyclists suffer from pain in the perenium due to excessive and prolonged pressure in this area from most saddles. Noseless saddles is an answer for some cyclists but they do have limitations as mentioned.

Often men can get prostatitis from the nose of the saddle pressing into the perenium. Women are not immune from perenium pain either.

However, some cyclists have good results with Rido saddles from England.

Check out their site:

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Dr. Bob

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