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"""Tom Kabat builds whimsical, quirky, earthy recumbents (and other bikes) out of found items such as scr*p lumber, discarded furniture, curtain rods, driftwood, skis, bedposts, and even discarded crutches. He borrows a few parts from ""real"" bicycles such as wheels, headsets, bottom brackets and chains, but whenever possible he uses what is readily at hand. You have to love the irreverence of bolting a Campy headset through a 2x4.""

Tom Kabat



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Tony Rentschler (not verified)

"Now we can debate the merits of birch and pine and poplar as frame materials, and whether ash makes good seatposts and handlebars.

""I've found that my yew frame is very stiff, but it really soaks up the road vibrations, too.""

""Frame decay is a red herring - I've left my redwood frame outside for many years and it has never rotted.""

""I'm new to cycling. What's the best varnish for keeping termites out of my down tube?""

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chris y (not verified)

"""and whether ash makes good seatposts and handlebars.""

I do think that ash would be the most compatible material for a saddle."

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[email protected] (not verified)
Mmmm ... fenders
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