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Outtake from article:

The most serious competitors make their own tires, drilling hundreds of holes in the tread, inserting screws, and padding the interior face with duct tape, rubber, silicon caulking and other secret concoctions. Screw size and type varies from racer to racer.

“My tire methods are strictly off the record,” said Mr. Henderson, who incorporates more than 600 screws to create a pair of medieval-looking ice-chewers that can corner at nearly 90 degrees on the glare ice of a hockey rink.

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John Z (not verified)
Saturday's Studdie Ride

Tomorrow, three of us hard heading to Putnam County in search of ice and snow. Anyone with studded tires is welcome to join.

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carl (not verified)

where/when are you meeting?

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John Z (not verified)
Tomorrow Snow/Ice Ride

We are meeting around 8:45 at GCT for the 8:51 train to Cold Spring.

Studded tires will be necessary. Bring food and water for an approximately 4 hour nonstop ride. The route is very, very hilly.

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John Z (not verified)

Putnam County had some snow. About 1.5 inches at lower elevations and 4 inches at higher elevations, with ice patches everywhere making our attempts at more technical trails difficult, even with studded snow tires.

Snow and ice riding is very rewarding; the scenery was spectacular. I only wish we could have made it up to the South Redoubt for the view from up there, but it was already late in the day and the trail is not easy even when dry.

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