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I read in the NYCC Eweekly that Skip Ralph had the high score (172) at the bowling event on Saturday night. What it fails to mention was that the bowling was Skip's cooldown from a century ride earlier that day. After completing our first century club ride in the freezing cold, I crashed on the couch for the night. Great job Skip in completing the century and saving enough energy to knock down those pins!

FYI, fellow NYCC and UMCA members Natalia Lincoln and Carole Goodman also completed the century. I'm not sure if they went bowling or spent the night on their couches as well.

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Carole (not verified)

Cheers to Skip!! Very impressed with both your cycling and bowling abilities--the first cycle-bowl duathlon champion.

I, too, went home and settled on the couch for the night with lots of hot tea and my dog warming my feet!

Kay, great ride--thanks!!

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Speaking of bowling

"Yesterday was Paeng Nepomuceno's 50th birthday. He is one of the world's greatest bowlers.

He's also a cyclist and the owner of this beautiful (and very rare) Confente:"

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grace (not verified)

A Filipino. Wonder where in Manila he rides a bike like that.

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HL (not verified)
Chinatown ??? (nm)
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Liane Montesa (not verified)
filipino bowler

Brings back memories of my college days back in Manila. We were either at Paeng Nepumoceno's bowling alley or the Beer Garden (there is no minimum drinking age in the Philippines), after class ...

Interestingly, there is a fairly big cycling community back home. But the funny thing is, when I lived there, I never saw a cyclist on the road.

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