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Free Novara leg warmers - men's, size Large.

They're too loose for me - needed a medium. Bought a while ago, but used on only a few rides - in new condition and freshly washed. Was going to throw them out since I can't return them, but it seemed like a waste.

Email me if interested.

Not 100% sure the ones in the link are the same ones, but that's what they look like.

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no_one_u_know (not verified)
return them

REI excepts returns on everything. They are a 100% satisfaction company.

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M (not verified)

Thanks for the info. I actually didn't get it from REI. That was just the first link that showed up on Google for Novara leg warmers, and it appeared to be the same ones I have.

So, if anyone is still interested, offer still stands.

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David (not verified)

Your email didn't work. But I have an unworn, too small for me jersey to trade. email me

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