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A quick logistics update regarding this Sunday's Walt Whitman Ride to Long Island:

For those starting at the Boathouse, the total distance will be approx. 80 miles. We will leave the Boathouse at 9 am sharp so that the group meeting us in Queens doesn't have to wait.

For those starting at the Statue of Civic Virtue, the total distance will be approx. 68 miles. Please note that all ride leaders will be starting in Manhattan. We will do our best to get to the statue by 9:50. If we are running late, or if it is very cold, please feel free to meet us at the bathrooms at Cunningham Park (south side of Union Tpke across from 196th Pl.).

In the event of inclement weather (or if the ride is taking too long due to mechanicals, etc.), there will be several shortcuts and bailout points along the route, so bring your MetroNorth/LIRR bike pass just in case (you can buy one at the station if you don't have one). We'll have a quick lunch at a deli in Huntington. The ride will end at the Statue of Civic Virtue.

Cancellation conditions: ice/snow on the roads at the start or very high chance of precipitation. Contact any of the leaders with questions. I will have email until 5:00 pm Friday.

Ron, Janette and More

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Robert Marcus (not verified)
Return time to Manhattan

"Estimated return time?
How long will lunch break be?

Thanks Robert "" Not da Slowest"" Marcus"

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Ron Gentile (not verified)
Return time

Lunch break will be about 20-25 minutes. I've instructed the folks at the deli to remove the chairs and shut off the heat so no one gets too comfortable.

My goal is to make sure everyone is back in Manhattan by about 3:30 or 4:00. If at the midpoint it starts looking like we're running late, we'll start taking shortcuts.


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More (not verified)
Ride On

Weather appears to be clearing and the roads should be dry at start time so we are going as planned.


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Al Taylor (not verified)

I'll see you at the Statue.

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George Arcarola (not verified)

Sweet ride, great group!

Thanks guys,

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Chris Huckfeldt (not verified)

thanks everyone!

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

"Great job by all, especially Ron, More and Janette.

I think this would make a great Century ride from the boathouse, perhaps April time or maybe October.

I loved the Horsees.

Catch ya next time.

Rob ""Not the Slowest"" Marcus"

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Bruce Armentrout (not verified)
Walt Whitman ride. Thanks

Thanks to Ron and Janet and all the rest of the riders on the WWR this Sunday. If your travels ever find you in The Berkshires be sure to look me up for a ride.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

"Glad we did not lose you on the return. We all thought you just were in a rush to get back to the Berkshires.

It's a good thing you did not chose the ride on the other side of the river, I heard they hit 1-2 inches of snow on the climbs.

See ya next time

Rob ""Not the Slowest"" Marcus"

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Bruce Armentrout (not verified)
My wheel....

I thought you had it!

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