Secure place to park bike for 1 hour or so around 120 W. 57th?

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  • Secure place to park bike for 1 hour or so around 120 W. 57th?
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Perhaps a strange request for the message board, but I need to have my bike for a fitness test soon after an appointment that I have for my son that is happening at 120 W. 57 (the Jewish Board). I do not have time to go back home after that appointment, get my bike, and get to the fitness test. The people at 120 W. 57th will not let me bring it into the building (they say it's the fire code). I don't feel comfortable locking my bike up outside. I wondered if anyone might have a suggestion for a secure place to park it during the appointment near that address. The time I need is tomorrow, Friday the 25th, 2-3:15.

Thanks in advance,


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Ron Gentile (not verified)
Bike parking

From TA's website (I see there is a garage at 55th and Park):

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David Carr (not verified)
Contact info

I forgot to include easy contact info in my last post. You can email me through the board via this message or call my office in the 212 code, 280-1382. Thanks, D

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rob (not verified)

Can you drop your bike off at the fitness test location BEFORE your son's app't?

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
What's the nearest bike shop?

Replace one of the inner tubes on your bike with an old punctured tube. Bring the bike to a nearby shop and ask them to change it for you, since you're in a hurry. Then go and pick it up an hour later. Cost shouldn't be more than $5 for a new tube and a $5 service charge.

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David (not verified)

This is a crafty plan, Mordechai. I think I've worked something else simpler through a friend. Thanks to all who responded here and through the email.


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