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As you have probably seen in the eWeekly by now, there will be a B-STS program this year. Ending pace will be about a B-17. Possibly higher. If you're interested, email me or Cyna Alderman directly and we will send you our guidelines and put you on the list. All cue sheets will be distributed by email.

Please note, unlike other STS programs, we do require sign-up. Participants last year felt strongly about forming a somewhat cohesive group, so after the first 3 weeks, it's the only way you'll know details of the rides. We're also asking that you are a SIG graduate or have equivalent pacelining experience. More info once we hear from you.

See you on the road -
Marci & Cyna

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JOSEPH AGUIAR (not verified)

Please include me in your B-STS program. You can send the information to my E-mail address.


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