Smolka retires!

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Molteni T-Shirt (not verified)
Deja Vu

Well, he's promised to never, ever to return but... who knows?

Sound familiar?

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Fred Landau (not verified)

"Good riddance to the man who put the ""Pig"" back in law enforcement."

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Carol Wood (not verified)
It will be a busy retirement


Did he do it? Let's go to the video
Rocco Parascandola"

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Evan Marks (not verified)
"""I saw her head strike my knee"""

See for yourself. Be sure to watch the whole thing:

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Carol Wood (not verified)
"""City settles suit against top cop"""


April 17, 2007

Bruce Smolka won't have to stand trial after all -- the city has settled for $150,000 with the activist who accused the now-retired New York Police Department assistant chief of kicking her in the head at a lower Manhattan demonstration, Newsday has learned.

The agreement spares the city a potentially embarrassing moment, as the the May 5, 2003 confrontation that sparked the excessive-force lawsuit was captured on videotape. While sitting on the ground, activist Cynthia Greenberg is seen getting kneed in the head by Smolka outside 26 Federal Plaza.


""The fact they are willing to pay that amount of money is a de facto admission, if you will, that they knew what Smolka did was wrong,"" Moore said. ""They didn't want to risk showing that video to a jury.""


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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Let's keep in mind who pays for this: We do. It's our money.
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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
The cure to bullies on the PD like Smolka.

It's my understanding that the bully, Smolka, is not going to work for Revlon, as reported in that article cited here, but as a personal bodyguard for its rank chairman, bully Ron Perleman. Although, knowing what I do of his business practices, Smolka's personal service salary likely will be laid off on the company.

The way to end bullying and brutality by cops is to make them personally liable for injury they cause that is found to be illegal instead of the money damage being paid by the City (NYPD). But, of course, this will never, ever happen.

I can hear the PBA caterwaul now: That would cripple recruiting! No one would ever sign up for the force knowing (s)he can be held personally liable.

In other words, the PBA, in issuing such a scare would also be saying the PD cannot attract people committed to obeying the law.

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lawyer (not verified)

"I am afraid that your note regarding personal liability is not well informed. Individual police officers are already personally liable for tort claims including federal 1983 false arrest, excessive force, etc. claims. Under the General Municipal Law, the City will indemnify the officers for claims provided the claims arise - paraphrasing - in the course of the officers employment and the the officers are otherwise in compliance with the City's rules and regulations. The City has in certain circumstances declined to defend City employees including police officers where their actions fell outside these guidelines and can withhold indemnity if the officers actions fall outside these guidelines. The way to end ""bullying"" and ""brutality"" is to attract good candidates (decent salaries?) and train them properly, and to weed out individuals who are unfit for the job.

Otherwise, I agree with you that Smolka and Perleman are suited for each other.

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