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Hey folks, Rob over here. I am now in the market for a new Crankset. After I just bought my Mavics! Here's the story with my current set up: I have the TruVativ Elita GXP Compact 36/50 mated to a Truvativ Giga X Drive BB. The problem with it as pointed out to me as I brought my concern to two LBS There is some play in the bottom bracket. it wobbles. Not alot but it's there. It won't go away. It was regreased and torqued, and I was told it has been a common issue with this setup.

One LBS suggested to get a Shimano 105 setup Crankset (and cassette if I wanted). Now I am also planning on doing a big ride out in Colorado this summer. A light bulb went off in my lil ole head to upgrade to something that would help me out while in the mountains. SO I asked around on another forum with guys from Colorado. They suggest a 50/34 with a 12-27 Changeing everything out to a tripple is out of the question.

Do any of you folks have any experience with this gearing on your rides?

If I go with it what advantages will it give me as far as ridig out here in Orange county and the east coast?

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[email protected] (not verified)
"""Changing everything out to a triple is out of the question""

"Will going from a 36T to a 34T make that much difference?

1. Go with the triple.

Ultegra triple crank - $89

"">Ultegra Bottom Bracket - $55

Add another $150 if you have to replace your left shifter.


2) Throw on a mountain cassette and long cage derailleur:

"">Shimano HG-50 9-speed Cassette - $20

Shimano XT M750 Series Rear Derailleur - $49


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Paul O'Donnell (not verified)
Go for it.

"I climbed Mt Ventoux last year with a 50/34 FSA SL-K crank and a 12-29 Campy cassette (not a stock cassette, but Zoltan put it together for me). 34/29 was a very useful gear on that climb. I haven't needed the 29 since, and I've since switched to a 12-26 cassette. I rarely use the 34/26 combination, but if you're tired, it's nice to have. If I were to go anywhere with big mountains, I'd probably put the 12-29 back on. I'd much rather do this than a triple, unless I was doing loaded touring.

The 16 tooth gap challenges the front derailleur, and it took a while to get that sorted, but it's fine now. As for the rear, I don't know about Shimano specs, but with Campy you need a medium cage rear derailleur for this setup.

Play around with Sheldon's gear calculator at to get an idea of how this will work for you.

I'm tempted by the new Campy 11-25 (which could be converted to an 11-26), but you lose the 16, and I think I'd rather have a 16 than an 11."

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Jonathan Shannon (not verified)

So that's what you had! I foolishly did it with a 52/39 and 12/25. Painful is one adjective that comes to mind. There are many others unsuitable for a polite message board.

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Paul O'Donnell (not verified)

Ouch - that's nasty. I seem to remember that you were a lot faster than me, so at least the pain was brief!

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Barney (not verified)
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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Good article

As stated in the piece, what are your intentions? Are you doing a Colorado bike tour? If so, ask the organizers what grades are involved. Match the values to your strength. I did the Bike Tour of CO back in 1999, asked what the grades were, was told a maximun of 8% as the highways of the route needed to be plowed for snow in the winters. The 52/39 x 12/27 was fine.

Consentrate on hill climbs prior to the tour and you will prosper.

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Rob Maynard (not verified)
Re: Article

You know I read that article a coupl of days ago, and forgot about it. After looking around the web for more information and reading it this seccond time It actually made sense to me!

I am indeed doing a bike tour in Colorado. It's called the Up and Back presented by Blacktop Bicycle Tours. Total elevation over the week is ove 15,000 feet and near 540 miles. It's all throughout Summit County. I will contact the club and ask about the grade.

I need to replace the Crankset/BB combo regardless of changing gearing. swapping out to the 12/27 may happen regardless, It's relatively inexpensive and is lighter than what I currently am running. The BB I'm looking at is the Hollowtech II however finding either the 50/36 or 50/34 is another story. It's hard to do with a budget! More searching to be had!

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