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"I am thinking about buying a computer-controlled trainer, and I am interested to hear people's ideas & feedback on what's out there. Many years ago I had a Computrainer. It was excellent, but after a couple of winters I stopped using it. So I sold it as to have one less thing to shlep around come the next move. This winter I'd like to try using one again, and after a little bit of looking I have already found three models. There is still the Computrainer, at $1500. There is a ""TACX I-Magic"" trainer for $650. There is also a ""Travel Trac RealAxiom V2"" trainer. I am sure there are a couple others out there as well that I haven't come across.

Anyone have any experience with any of these three, or perhaps some other model?


John Feinberg

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Robert Shay (not verified)

My vote is for the computrainer. I've used it now for one year (approx. 5,000 miles) and my speed has increased 1-2mph. What makes it great is that I can make my own courses like central park loop, perkins climb, gimbels ride, etc. Changing the course every time I ride keeps it interesting. Resale value on ebay is also excellent.

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J (not verified)

My choice is the Tacx Fortius - I Magic with extra.

Here is a link to some posts on it:

About $1,000.00

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Dennis Wiener (not verified)

We just bought one for ourselves as an xmas gift. Linda's been hogging it though, and swapping bikes in and out is a bit of a pain because of all the cabling involved. But I like it because I can load in real rides that I have saved on my GPS, or just create a track in mapping software and save as a gpx file, and their course creator software will create the course for you. I'm just coming back from a pinched nerve, but I did a loop of CP Saturday morning before leaving for work, and yesterday rode river road from Edgewater to exit 4 on the PIP and back, all in the comfort of my living room, and while watching a movie. I still haven't got all the bells and whistles figured out. I'm pretty much clueless to what the data in the reports generated from my rides mean. But the rides are a pretty good simulation of the real thing. Also their tech support is very responsive to questions, and software bug reports.

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