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although i don't need an official count it would be helpful if those planning on / thinking about coming would let me know now so i know how many alley's to hold.
also, eat & drink info: there are several choices i'd like to make you aware of:
the alley has a bar / restaurant & waitresses to deliver to your lane.
pizza place downstairs will, as will the salad place, do the same.

better choice: after bowling- 9pm- we will go to mccanns, in the pa, where we can have drinks & order in food from atomic wings around the corner.
i personally checked the place out. they are clean, modern, not a leftover vestige. their food looked fresh & not high priced [thought you would like that]. Join us for the fun of it no matter how good a bowler you are, or not.
It’s your club….participate

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
bowling night-sat 1-27-07

send reponses to:

[email protected]


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