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I belong to the Dodge YMCA in Brooklyn and they only have one or two spinning classes per week that fit into my sked. I would like have some options as to when I can take them. Does anyone know of a gym or studio that offers spinning without being a member? Like buying a 10 class package or something? I know it's probably a shot in the dark, but before I decide to pay full price at another gym (the Y is so freakin' inexpensive) I thought I would ask the experts.

Thanks in advance!

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grace (not verified)
classes for non-members

NY Sports Clubs will charge you a fee per class. It's something like $25 as I recall. They've locations all over NY and NJ.

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Hannah (not verified)
Fitness PassBook


You could get this book, which includes passes to many gyms: http://www.health-fitness.org/ny.html . I used to get it for swimming, and it paid for itself many times over even though relatively few of the gyms have pools that are long enough for a real swim workout.

Cost is $75, or four for $225 ($56.25 each + $4 s/h per copy). For that price, I'd buy another one, so if there are a bunch of people who want to order let me know.

You could also check your Y membership--can you upgrade it to get in at other Ys around town?


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Eric Rayvid (not verified)
I am totally down for this!!

Hannah, how did I not know about this?!?! I am def interested and ready to buy one of the books. Let me know if you get two other folks to get the discount.

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Matt (not verified)

This seems like a good idea, but as far as I can tell, it's a book of very-limited-time passes to various clubs. Once you use the pass (one or two visits, or one week of visits), it's gone. So then you have to find another gym.

In my neighborhood, gyms like Bally's give these away for nothing when they do membership drives. Why not walk into a Bally's or two or three and just ask for one?

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Hannah (not verified)
it works well

The thing is, I can't go into Asphalt Green every year and say I'm thinking about joining and get two free passes. But I can go in every year with passes from this book, and then I don't even have to sit through the membership spiel. You are correct that the passes are limited, but if you don't want to commit to a gym or pay a lot of money, this really gives you a lot of options. With me and swimming, I use the passes to fill in the gaps in my team's practice schedule. It's also fun to check out different gyms--without feeling like you're duping them by pretending to be interested in membership. Use the book as a kind of challenge. (How many times can I make it pay for itself? How many different gyms can I visit?)

So far two other people have said they'll go in on this with me. If there's one more person who wants the book, we've got ourselves a deal.

who has no affiliation with the book producer, sales office, marketing department, or anything else

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Ed (not verified)
Fitness PassBook

Talk about marketing...

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
Fitness passbook

"I've used both the fitness passbook of theirs plus the yoga/dance version for years. Used to be done by the NY chapter of the Lung Association, so it was even a potential charitable contribution on both sides.

Have been happy with the book, and yes, if you team up with others or buy 3 yourself, you get a 4th one ""free"". It's really a fab bargain.

As mentioned, though, there is the consideration that one gets 1-2 passes to any individual facility, although some are good for a week. Plus it entails hopping around and checking schedules/locations, so it's harder to get into a groove/habit of going to a spin class. Of course, the price is quite right!!


I'd be happy to organize a locus of purchasers for next year's book (I've mine already) and we can share the price discount."

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Zac (not verified)

Try Citycoach in Park Slope, Brooklyn. They offer compu-trainer sessions individually for $20 I think. I just signed up for 10 sessions there through JackRabbit sports.

They are at citycoach.org.

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
spin class -freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

sid's bike, tues evenings

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Deborah Bennett (not verified)
spinning-only studios



Both offer pay as you go plans and discounts if you buy a ""book"" of classes."

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Ryan R. (not verified)
Toga Bikes

Toga does classes as well. Not sure if just in Nyack, Ny but maybe in the downtown store, Gotham. Check it out, i dont know if there is a cost.


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Dana (not verified)
Toga UWS has classes!

Or at least, they're trying to. Seems like this has not been well publicized, but they have trainers aplenty, waiting for us to bring our bikes in--so let's create some demand. Contact the store at (212) 799-9625, think Will is in charge, but anyone can help, and I think there's a per class fee.

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Robbin (not verified)
Dance/Yoga book

If anyone is interested in sharing a dance/yoga book, let me know! I'd actually want more of the dance studios and just a few of the yoga/pilates so it could work out!


cycling trips