Hogwich 1/21/07

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looks like temps around 23 and lots of wind. normally i would cancel, but feeling like we should give it a go. let's wait and see.

now i've got the computer up and running, I can post something here sunday morning around 7ish. anyone who wants to call me to consult is encouraged to: 646-651-9760 (after 7 a.m.)

i'm doing a 4 hour ride tomorrow, so if I survive that I should be able to handle sunday's temps and wind chill.


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Sue (not verified)

I am motivated to ride, simply because I won't be able to next weekend at all. Conditions sound like they'll be pushing the envelope in terms of what I'm willing to ride in. But if the winds die down a bit from Saturday, I might give it a go. At least we won't get wet! I'll keep an eye on the board.

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;;arty; (not verified)
too cold count me out!! (nm)
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arturo p-r-inSl-0w (not verified)
count me in

""" Not so slow Arty PRIN S-L-O-W """

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A-R-T-Y (not verified)
im in (nm)
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todd (not verified)

it shouldn't be too bad by 10:00 a.m.

leaves same place: jersey side of gwb.

shorter route: maybe bradley/tweed, most likely non-stop.



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todd (not verified)
good chilly winter ride today

thanks to colleen, david and mark for a fun ride today. look ma, no frostbite! i think those hand warmers from the piermont shop saved us.

see you all next week.


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David Carr (not verified)
Great ride

Thanks too for a great ride. 19 degrees seemed a bit low for the start, but it turned out to be fine (especially with the stop for warmers).

It's been a great series. I just realized that I'll miss the last one because I have to speak next Sunday as part of a series. So my riding has to be on Saturday then.

Thanks again for this Sunday and the others.


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