Perkins Open?

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Does anyone know if Perkins Mem. Drive on Bear Mtn is open/Rideable?

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todd (not verified)
yeah baby!

i just rode it last weekend for the first time in at least 5 years. you have to get off the bike to walk around the gate, but then you're free and clear to go to the top.


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A-R-T-Y (not verified)
thank you

"I have had lots f sucess with snow tires on Perkins Drive.
Even the extended 20% section


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A-R-T-Y (not verified)

ive had sucess with snow tires especially @`22% grades

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Bill (not verified)
For The Record

The Bottom 3 miles (from 9W) were fine, and the first mile past the gate was OK, from there it was touch and go. Not too slippery, but a lot of dusting all the way to the top, some icy patches. The Decents were...... interesting!


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Jay (not verified)
It could be icy

I dont think that it is maintained in the winter--it is technicaly closed and it is colder up there so it could be icy. I definitely dont recommend going up there alone without a cell phone this week.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Yes, it could be icy

But on the other hand, since it's closed to cars and motorcycles, you can use the whole road, not just the shoulder. A couple of winters ago, I rode halfway up Perkins and had to retreat when I reached the snow line. It was disappointing to have to turn back, because I was on a fixed-gear and had already gone over the steepest grades of the climb.

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