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NYCC friends,

Can you help spread the word about this art exhibition being planned for May? (that would be Bike Month, appropriately enough)

It's part of our effort to let cyclists -- who are so much in the media lately and so often maligned -- speak for ourselves.

Note that we'll also be conducting a sorta survey very soon, to ask people to write about why they ride a bike in NYC. So if you don't have any pictures, you can still give us verbal images. (Or both!)

Please use contact information below.


Call for Artists
Project working title: Why I Ride: The Art of Bicycling in New York
May 3 – 27, 2007
Website launch May 1, 2007

The exhibit will showcase New York artists working in photography, painting, drawing and sculpture or installation, who are inspired by the freedom and mobility that the bicycle makes possible in a congested metropolis. These artists view interactions with neighbors and strangers -- both friendly and otherwise -- as preferable to the isolation that grows out of our sprawling, auto-dependent environment.

There are two parts to the exhibit: a small gallery show, and an online gallery.

We are looking for an additional three artists to include in the exhibition. An illustrated catalogue with essays will be produced; all artists chosen receive two free catalogues.

Other events in conjunction with the exhibit include:
Opening reception; street party; bike tour and brunch; film screening

Online Gallery
To demonstrate the stylistic richness and variety of people who ride bikes/make art about bikes and mobility in New York City, the online gallery will include virtually everything that is submitted.

All submissions will be included in the online gallery, unless otherwise specified. (If you want your work considered for the exhibition or online gallery only, please note this in your submission.)

TO APPLY Please send an e-mail, with your name in the subject line. Include a total of 3 JPEG samples of up to three art works for consideration (5x7 at 72 dpi). Name each JPEG with your initials and the name of the work –ex. EDLife.JPEG; EDDeath.JPEG.

The e-mail should include:
Artist name, address, contact information.

For each individual work include the following information:
Title and date of work
Dimensions in inches (If framed, please specify and include approximate weight)
Installation requirements/limitations
Web site/email address (optional: include ONLY if you want it listed on the Web site)

Send applications to: [email protected]
For exhibition – February 9 (chosen artists will be notified by Feb 16)
For online gallery only – February 28

We reserve the right to accept or reject any work for the exhibition or the online gallery.

Exhibition Locations: (Please send correspondence to [email protected], not the spaces below. Thanks.)
Lower Eastside Girls Club gallery/cafe, 56 E. 1st St.
Bicycle Habitat, 244 Lafayette St.
NYC Velo, 64 Second Ave.
Trackstar, 231B Eldridge St.

This is an independent project leading from a small grant from the Puffin Foundation given to the curators, now earmarked for the catalogue. No financial support for work or its installation or transportation will be given to artists. All rights will be reserved to them and all credit will go to their efforts. This is an all-volunteer project. We hope to hear from you and see your work....others do too!

Yours truly,
Elizabeth Donovan and Carol Wood
Curators, Why I Ride

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Carol Wood (not verified)
New Web link

"We encourage EVERYONE to contribute something to this exhibit -- anything from doodles and snapshots to museum pieces.

Please visit our home page:

We've extended the deadline for submissions for the gallery exhibition to Feb. 16.

The deadline for the online gallery remains Feb. 28. (The online gallery will include virtually everything submitted and remain online indefinitely. Add your perspective!)

CALL FOR FILMS: We're also compiling a segment of short films (5 minutes or less).

We'll have our cyclist survey up soon too!


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Carol Wood (not verified)
Seeking volunteer for catalogue

For the May bike show catalogue, we would like to include a comprehensive list of bike-related organizations in NYC. It would include simple info: name of organization, contact/Web site info, areas of activity.

We need a volunteer to compile and write up the info (in a brief, breezy style), alphabetize and check for accuracy, and submit a final list by March 13.

We could also accept a later turn-in date through April. That would be too late for the print catalogue but could still go on the Web site -- where everyone will have access to it.

We think the bibliography could be a useful resource for people with different bike-related issues or interests. A lot of the bike clubs have such info on their resource pages -- they're all slightly different, though, and some smaller groups are excluded.

If you have some spare time now before the weather improves, this could be one way to help the bike community get organized -- by just figuring out who all is in it!

If a volunteer steps forward, we would be grateful, as we are too swamped to do it.


Carol Wood

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Leigh (not verified)
Bike Art

It's a tenuous link to this thread but for those interested in bike art, I thought some of you might be interested in taking a look at some of the paintings that my friend Emma has done over the last couple of years; particularly the cycling ones.

Emma is a professional cyclist from the UK; she's based in Belgium and is racing in all the top European womens' races; Het Volk; Flanders etc - take a look at the team site it's worth a look.

She also paints cyclists - there's even one of me on her site -

Feel free to contact her through her contact page on her site; she'd love to get some feedback on her paintings from nyc cyclists!

As for me, I'm a recent import from the UK, experiencing my first nyc winter - met a few NYCC riders last year and looking forward to the warmer weather on the horizon to get more acquainted with the club.

Leigh Fanner

cycling trips