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Just found out that Chris Carmichael is doing a book signing at Toga tomorrow evening. Check out their web site for the info.

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some guy (not verified)
"CTS writes it ""BookSigning"""


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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
It's Monday 1/22

"Toga's website shows it as scheduled for Monday, 1/22 @7PM (not the ""tomorrow"" of the original board message on 1/18, which was pointing to today, Friday)."

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John Keoshgerian (not verified)

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make the correction. Chris will be appearing at Toga Bikes @ 7:00 on Monday the 22nd. All are welcome to attend and there will be refreshments,giveaways and of course Chris Carmichael.
He'll give a 30 minute speech and then a 15-20 minute Q+A. There will be a limited number of books for sale for the signing but your welcome to bring your own. There will be free water bottles for the first 100 people. See you there, and have a good weekend everyone.

P.S. More details are available at

Thank You , John K.

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