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How many NYCC members are 5BBC members?

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  • How many NYCC members are 5BBC members?
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"I just renewed my NYCC membership and was also perusing through the 5BBC website since I wanted more information on the Montauk Century Ride.

Anyway, how many NYCC members are also 5BBC members? I'm thinking of joining just because its another non-profit organization that is promoting the common good of cycling. I'm also member of Transportation Alternatives since it promotes alternative means of transportation other than vehicular in this congested city.

However, is there duplicity in joining both clubs? Are there any other advantages in joining two cycling clubs other than promoting the ""cause""?



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Claudette (not verified)
It depends

If you plan to join rides with both clubs, then by all means support both. It's not a lot of money and it does promote the sport. Also, from an advocacy standpoint, it makes our numbers appear large.

Also, you can take advantage of the discounts at bike shops afforded by each, which are not always the same.

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hindy schachter (not verified)

Belonging to both clubs makes sense--and is the right thing to do-- if you plan to ride from both listings. The 5BBC has many more rides at the slower end of the spectrum than the NYYC--especially on Sundays. Even at the high B level, belonging to both clubs gives you a larger array of offerings. By belonging to both clubs you help ensure that this diversity of offerings will continue.

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Fred (not verified)
No duplicity at all

I am a member of both clubs, and I suspect many other NYCCers are as well. I started out riding with the 5BBC, but after participating in the NYCC SIG five years ago, wound up doing most of my riding with NYCC. 5BBC continues to offer an excellent program of rides and is an important part of the NY biking scene. I still do an occasional ride with them, especially with friends and family, for whom some of their more relaxed rides are ideal. But even if I didn't, I'd gladly keep up my membership as a way of supporting and encouraging our pastime/hobby/sport here in New York.

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
Overlapping markets + diff styles

"I've riden with, and led rides for, both. There's an overlap in the midsection of rider abilities, and a difference in the type/style of rides.

The 5BBC does not have pace/distance defined ride levels such as NYCC and many other clubs use. Their version of faster rides is the type I'll lead there, termed ""Quik Spin"". QS rides vary according to each ride leaders' posted day ride definition, but I'd say they range mid-B to low-A level. None of the QS rides I've known use 5BBC's more customary style of point-drop-sweep, nor do they tend use pacelining. That said, there are some very good, strong riders and leaders in the 5BBC.

The bulk of 5BBC rides, including down the speed spectrum to ""Happy Face"" rides and their popular Beach Bum series (yes, there will be summer eventually) tend to be much slower/shorter, have a wide range of rider abilities, and use point-drop-sweep method (which keeps a pack of riders on course and together in a sort of leapfrog method; they also don't leave behind or lose riders). 5BBC rides also go to/through interesting destinations; so it's about the whole trip, not just the cycling. On various rides I've co-led for them, I've been to the hidden gem of the Caruso museum, riden back to Manhattan aboard a historic fireboat, and to other really neat places that delight NYers and visitors alike.

5BBC also sponsors w/e and week+ trips at very 'bon marché' prices, generally providing transport, as well.

It's been said that the 5BBC trains leaders (they have a very active annual leadership training and testing program) while the NYCC trains riders.

IMHO, it's good for to support both clubs.


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Josh (not verified)
2 clubs suits me fine

If you want to have a fun ride, fool around, chat it up, get a good lunch, I go with the 5BBC. They know the city like their backhand, and take you onto routes and into neighborhoods you thought didnt exist. There'll be complaints of the point-drop-sweep, and I've heard them here ad infinitum, but that system actually encourages a chatty atmosphere, knowing that you dont need to always *keep up.* 5BBC also has now begun several series of faster rides, too, but the premise always is, as one ride leader boasts, that no one gets left behind. It sort of becomes like a logistical challenge.

I've become a 5BBC ride leader recently and that has encouraged me to lead rides with both clubs. I found the NYCC no-nonsense approach fine when I want to work out. But there are times I just like to slow it down and take in the scenery, be a tourist. Or keep a pace behind a strong and steady ride leader, which you'll find at 5BBC, who's not interested in packing surprises. Like NYCC, 5BBC has become integrated into the city bike culture -- with members involved in, for instance, the recent Times Up Memorial. So I like all this diversity and cross-fertilization (many of the really empathetic NYCC leaders have cut their teeth on the 5BBC ride-training approach.) It would be boring otherwise.

So, yes, membership in two clubs suits me fine, and support each for what they do best.

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