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There's been a lot of confusion about the prospect of two bike rides to Montauk.

The Five Borough Bicycle Club wants to clear that up. We're directly answering questions about the 2007 Montauk Century at

You can also contact me.


Peter Engel
Public Relations Counsel, Montauk Century Committee
Member-at-Large, 5BBC Executive Board

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Claudette (not verified)

"In our last weekly e-bulletin, the issue between the Montauk-destination century rides was addressed.

There are two rides on the same day. One is the familiar ""Montauk Century Ride"" which is put on by the 5BBC. The other is a new ride called the ""Montauk Ride."" This ride was started by Glenn, the man who used to run the 5BBC ride.

When Glenn first announced his new ride, he offered a discount to NYCC members. The NYCC Board was under the impression that this *was* the familiar 5BBC ride. Once we learned that this is a new ride, we removed the discount as we do not wish to be tacitly affiliated with this ride over that run by the 5BBC.

Members, please be aware that there is a difference. If you wish to sign up for either ride, take an extra moment to ensure you register for the ride you intend to join.


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Steve (not verified)

"Wouldn't the ""Mountauk Ride"" be the familar one since Glenn is the one that organized the ""Mountauk Century"" that so many of us have ridden in the past?

Whatever the ride is called and whomever puts in on, my only question is why not have the finish at some place on the beach?


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Bomberpete (not verified)

"No Steve, the 5BBC's Montauk Century is the ""familiar"" ride. It's organized by hundreds of volunteers every year, just like Escape New York.

Glen Goldstein was the paid tour director in 2003, 2005 and 2006, and as a club volunteer for several years before that, but the true Montauk Century ride belongs to the not-for-profit club, not any individual.

In several past years, the Montauk Century officially ended at the point. I did it myself several times and it was great. As the ride grew and the logistics became more complicated, we needed a location that was less disruptive to tourists and visitors. If, however, you're strong and fast, there's no reason you can't add the 12 mile round trip to Montauk Point and back to the finish at Ruschmeyers.

Hope that clears things up for you."

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Steve S (not verified)
Montauk ride

ok now this is getting confusing, we all know about the situation with this ride. now ive been thinking of joining Team in Training this summer and their bike century is also on may 20th guess where? you gueesed it to montauk! whats the deal with this?


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Eric Rayvid (not verified)
It's my understanding

From some of the lit I've read about Team in Training, it's my understanding that they are official participants in the MC ride (5BBC's ride). It's not yet a third ride that day :-)

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Marcella (not verified)
Team in Training does NOT sponsor either ride...

Team in Training participants do NOT sponsor the ride; they register like any other riders and have absolutely nothing at all to do with sponsorship. I am on the NYC Team in Training team, and if you have any questions about the program, email me offline. Do not let the politics of the ride dissuade you from participating!

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Peter Engel (not verified)

Thank you Marcella. That's absolutely right.

The 5BBC Montauk Century ride will be honored to have Team in Training participate in 2007. Any specifics about that worthy program and participation in it should go to Marcella.

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Eric Rayvid (not verified)

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that they sponsor the ride, just that they state that using MC as a training ride is a good idea. I write for a living, you would think that I would do a better job of making myself understood in personal text.

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Marcella (not verified)

"You are right. TNT has two groups of cyclists in the spring: one group riding the Montauk course, and another group riding(two weeks later)America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride (a VERY hilly century in Lake Tahoe, NV). The Montauk ride is described in a tongue-in-cheek manner as a ""training ride"" for the Tahoe group given the flat course of Montauk and the fact that the Tahoe riders also complete the Montauk course. However, TNT is happy to have participants who want ""only"" to do Montauk."

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