Hogwich for 1/14 is cancelled

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For anyone wondering, Hogwich for Jan. 14 is off.

David (passing on message from Todd)

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Aaron (not verified)
Wet is a state of mind.

I'm still riding. Meeting a friend at 8:15 at 110 and Riverside if anyone's interested.

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Joe S. (not verified)

Wet also happens to be a state of reduced traction for both motorists and cyclists. Rain happens to be a state of reduced visibility for motorists. But I applaud your tenacity; have fun.

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Story (not verified)
State of mind

I must have gone past 110/ Riverside @8:10 heading for what i hoped would be the Hogwich. Que sera. Did the River road loop a couple times and headed back downtown. Didn't particularly care for the fast downhills and the odd car coming out of the fog but all in all it was a nice quiet/ two hill ride. Pretty damp and cold upon return. How'd you guys do? Maybe we'll meet up next week.

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Aaron (not verified)
Downhills were not fun

Sorry we didn't connect. We went to Nyack and back. Took it easy, particularly during the twilight zone-like fog. Hopefully there will be a hogwich next week. Sue, how did you fare?

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Sue Foster (not verified)
Soggy toes!

Hi, Aaron. I kept you guys in sight for a while. That is when you weren't completely lost in the fog! Decided to cut it short, so turned on Oaktree and headed back on 501. Much less foggy on 501, fyi. Not the most pleasant of rides, I'll admit. Spend almost as much time cleaning the bike as riding the bike!

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Colleen (not verified)
dry toes

Missed you last week, Sue, and now this week too. But my toes stayed more dry by running in Riverside Park instead of riding on 9W. Hope to see you next week! (forecast says sunny, but cold)

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
An enjoyable solo ride

It didn't rain hard at any point of my ride yesterday morning, though there was a dense fog and some drizzle. No big deal that the roads were wet -- I was riding with full fenders. What a difference they make! I stayed mostly dry and comfortable. Cleaning my bike afterwards was a five-minute job.

I stopped to wipe my glasses at the corner of Tweed and Clausland Mountain, and someone rode by in shorts, no tights or leg-warmers. Crazy!

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todd (not verified)
took sunday off

glad some of you folks got a good ride in despite the dreary conditions. thanks david for posting.

i rode for 6.5 hours in the rain on saturday, so i felt no need to risk another wet ride.

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