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I need help finding a studio as I've never done Yoga before. I need to learn to stretch better and everyone who I know who does Yoga RAVES about it. Anyone have any reccos for me?

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Brette Popper (not verified)
Yoga and Cycling

Eric, my husband is a cyclist (and a member of this site) and I am both a yoga enthusiast and teacher and know quite a few teachers and studios in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. In fact, I am starting a new website called yogacitynyc (not up yet) so people can get answers to questions like this one. So, he forwarded your email to me. Will be happy to point you in the right direction. Just email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to give you some reccos. In general I would suggest specific teachers in studios that are accesible to you.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
many choices

"Do you belong to a gym? Some have good yoga classes, others are wimpy dreck.

You should be able to see and hear the instructor explain the postures and which muscles are being worked (and which should *not* be under stress). The visualization stuff is also helpful (e.g., imagining standing on the ""four corners"" of your feet for support -- while your body is shaking from exertion and you are about to topple over.)

In one gym I was considering, I found that rap music was not conducive to spiritual enlightenment. Nothing against rap.

I have since found disciplined instructors at NY Health & Racquet Club, where I'm currently a member. I prefer the more athletic styles like Vinyasa.

Equinox had some good instructors as well; I was a member there through 2005.

A friend practices nearly daily; he belongs to a studio in Brooklyn Heights called Yoga People. It must be good if he likes it.

If you're serious about realigning your skeleton, try the Iyengar Institute in Chelsea. One instructor at Equinox practiced this technique, which I loved. Long, deliberate poses, really gets the cobwebs out. They have a free intro session.

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you might like to start with a gentle style like Hatha Yoga.

I'm always amazed at how good I feel after yoga, and shocked that I don't find more time for it.


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Yoga PassBook


A friend of mine has one of these pass books. It allows him to try out many different classes and styles of yoga for a small price.

They also offer a Fitness PassBook."

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Yogi (not verified)
Yoga ‘s the Bomb!

The non-violent kind.

Hatha Yoga is a general term for physical yoga. (Postures and breath). There is much, much more to the practice.

This being NYC, you have access to some of the biggest names/ studios of American Yoga. OM and Jivamukti are great for Vinyasa. Iyenga if you’re more analytical and attune to details in alignment. Dharma Mittra, one of the few living masters teaching in the US today, has a studio on E.23rd. You can also try Integral Yoga Institute (, where I teach once a week. IYI was founded in the 60’s by Swami Satchidananda. It's a great place for some old school yoga without the scene.

Most of the above are in the Union Square area. There are overlaps and cross-fertilization between the different styles/brands. These schools train most of the instructors in the NYC area. Depending on your own constitution and makeup, you can have a very different experience with different teachers even within the same school.

Be careful as a beginner, a lot of people get turned off to yoga because they hurt themselves in more vigorous classes. Many classes have a competitive vibe even when the teacher states the contrary. Yoga was meant to be taught one on one.

If you’re brand new, try different styles/places as mentioned by Carol and Mordecai. The passbook can be a little overwhelming with the number of choices, but it’s a bargain with group classes costing ~$15-$20.

There are good, better, great people in every profession. Check it out, explore, and relax. Ultimately, you’ll learn about yourSELF, our favorite topic.

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