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Dr. Weinstein’s advice for injured patients is among the boldest — he said it’s based on his basic research and his own experience with sports injuries, like knee pain and tendinitis of the Achilles and hamstring. Before exercise, he said, take one anti-inflammatory pill, like an aspirin. Ice the area for 20 minutes. Then start your usual exercise, the one that resulted in your injury, possibly reducing the intensity or time you would have spent. When you finish, ice the injured area again.

The advice involving an anti-inflammatory pill, Dr. Weinstein said, is based on something surgeons know — in most cases, a single anti-inflammatory pill before surgery results in less pain and swelling afterward. It also is consistent with Dr. Wang’s research because, at least in theory, it should forestall new inflammation from the exercise that is about to occur.


Does anyone do this already?

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fred steinberg (not verified)
Ice before and after

yes. This is nothing new. Icing before and after riding may do the trick without pills. I've been advised to do so for knee and back injuries years ago. Try icing before ingesting anything. Then medicate if necessary.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
ice + medication

Scotch on the rocks. Is it 5pm yet?

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Ron Thomson (not verified)

It's 5pm somewhere ;-)

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