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Where do people get the clear plastic cue sheet protectors? Is it a specialty item or something I can get at an office store?


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chris o (not verified)

"The one I have is called Bar Map - you can check it out here - Campmor

I am not sure if you can find it at local bike shops although maybe motorcycle shops have them."

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julie b (not verified)


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Carol Waaser (not verified)
Any Office Supply Store

"Look for ""Poly Sheet Protectors"". They come 10 to a package and usually have holes for a three-ring binder - I trim that edge off.

Then attach a butterfly clip (binder clip) to a 6"" long double-sided velcro strip and wrap it around your handlebar, slip the cue sheet into the protector sheet and clip it to the bar."

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Joe S. (not verified)

I also use binder clips. The only problem with this is flipping the cue sheet and getting it re-seated in the clips is pretty difficult when you're moving at a decent speed (once, I nearly rode off the road trying to flip it around). I suppose you could stop, but better to have one side of the sheet lay out the route all the way to the rest stop.

Also, if you use binder clips, you might want to apply a glueless patch to one side of the clamp - it will allow the clip to hold the cue sheet much better at high speeds.

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Anna (not verified)

I love my map protector from Adventure Cycling ( It went with me across the country and I still ride with it all the time!


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Peter (not verified)

You can also use a clear Fedex address pouch. Put a couple of slits in it and run velcro computer cable ties through the slits. Use them to secure the pouch to your brake cables.

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Bob Ross (not verified)

I used to use a ZipLock baggie with a tab of velcro stuck to one side.

Though nowadays I don't even bother with a cuesheet (much to my companion's chagrin!)

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