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"In addition to the usual long bathroom line, the food line has been unbearably slow in the last couple of weeks (possibly related to new mgmt and the ""help wanted"" sign in the window). I prefer short rest stops, and it seems like it is impossible to get a group in and out of there in anywhere close to 15 minutes - it's more like 30+ minutes.

Can anyone suggest any good alternatives in Nyack or within 5 miles (preferably north or west of Nyack). Requirements: cyclist-friendly, safe place to park/lean bikes within view, bathroom, good rest stop munchies, preferably has seating. Thanks in advance."

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Todd Brilliant (not verified)
toga on 9W...

has table and benches outside.
bathroom, bike food and drinks inside.

it's the perfect stop to get in and out fast.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

"La Boqueria Restaurant in Nyack , see todays NYCC HOME PAGE.

Very cyclist freindly, more food options, no lines. When we were there 4-5 weeks ago they were awaiting their bike stand in the front. I do beleive they had NO issue in letting us lean the bikes along the front and if alone I bet u could bring them inside.

Robert ""Not the Slowest"" Marcus"

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Ellen (not verified)
Ned's Iron Gate aka La Boqueria

There's a name change. La Boqueria is now Ned's Iron Gate. Same owner. From Nyack's Broadway, head uphill on Main Street for about a third of a mile. It's on the right.... one or two blocks before the 9W intersection.
Fresh and delicious coffee, house empanadas, great sandwiches, two bathrooms, solicitious staff(Hector from Guernica) and owner Ned.
An easy and warm place to hang out.
Catch it while you can.

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Bob Ross (not verified)
3rd vote for Ned's aka Boqueria; motion passed

Every time I've been there it's seemed like we owned the place. No line, all tables available, very attentive & personalized service from the owner. That probably doesn't bode well for their staying in business, but for now at least it makes it extremely attractive.

They tend to run out of fresh cream for the coffee... but the food kicks the poop out of the Runcible's pedestrian fare.

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Joe S. (not verified)

No lines, great food, cyclist-friendly, and 2 bathrooms??? So long Spoon!

I'll also check out Toga and the W.Nyack bagel shop at some point. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Betsy (not verified)
Another vote for La Boqueria but...

...I thought I heard they were closed on Sundays. Check it out before heading there on a Sunday ride.

FYI, an empañada and coffee are $2.50.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

What about the diner that lets you bring the bikes inside? Run by an ex-bike racer?

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Herb (not verified)

Skylark Diner. Where we used to eat on cold, winter days before the Runciple.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
New owners

I'm always in favor of trying new places to eat. I for one don't always go to the Spoon - but often enough. I like that locals hang out there even when it is swarming with cyclists.

The Spoon has been friendly to cyclists for a long time, when no one else was. Maybe the previous owners bailed because they sensed a backlash coming against cyclists in Nyack. Certainly they were able to use the cyclist business as a selling point to the new owners.

It looks like a family has taken over the business now, and they're struggling to learn the ropes. If so, they've probably put a lot of their savings into the venture. If they continue to welcome cyclists, keeping the bike racks out front, I think they deserve at least a little of our (or at least my) patience and loyalty. Okay not when in a rush, but I'm not in much of a rush in the wintertime.

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Jay (not verified)
Patisserie Didier Dumas 163 Main St Nyack now open!

"French bakery with quiches, sandwiches, etc. Baker is French : Didier most recently worked at Jean Jacques in Westchester near bike trail there and where NYCC rides stopped.

It is on the South side of Main a few doors past the theatre

SPARKILL---There is a new place ""Trailside"". I think near the P.O. open on weekends--There is a yellow flag on it with a picture of a bike."

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