Sunday Pigskin Ride - Nyack & The Lakes - Wrap-up

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Thanks to everyone for coming out. We had a great turnout with 30+ riders between the B17 and B19 groups. While I'd like to chalk it up to the ride leaders' charming personalities, I'm sure the great weather played a larger factor.

For NYCC'ers who haven't done the Nyack & The Lakes ride, check out the cue sheet in the ride library - I haven't seen that much smooth road in . . . well, since I started riding.

To the B17 group - apologies, I realized later that, on the way up to Nyack, we were closer to an 18 than a 17. Sorry for any discomfort that may have caused.

To the B17 group that rode back with me: while some of you didn't have a lot of paceline experience, you all did a great job. After Kiku, we rode like a well-oiled machine. Probably the best paceline I've seen on a B ride - short, strong pulls, good gap-filling. Nicely done!

Thanks to our co-leaders this week - Susan, More and Janette.

Ron is talking me into a Long Island ride, so we may have to do a very hilly ride first to justify the low elevation of LI. See you on the road soon!

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Betsy (not verified)

Though the ride out was indeed brisk it was a terrific challenge. And the paceline home was a blast. Great ride, great company, great day. Thanks again.

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