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There's been a lot of interest in this Sunday's ride, so Ron and I have decided to split it up into 2 groups - a B17 and a B19. We've also enlisted a few co-leaders that many of you know - Susan Rodetis, More McCormack and Janette Tilley.

Ron, More and Janette will co-lead the B19 group.

Susan will lead the B17 group. I'm battling a cold and, should I prevail by tomorrow evening, I'll likely co-lead the B17 with Susan.

If you plan on joining, pls RSVP by posting here or by email so we have a sense of numbers, thanks.

If you care, the B19 group should be back in time to catch a good chunk of the 2nd half of the Jets-Pats game. The B17 group should be back in time for the 4th quarter (and if I join this group, I will be highly motivated to get us back in time!).

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Betsy Hafkin (not verified)
2 for the B17 (nm)
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Arty (not verified)
cant make it (nm)
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Tony Mantione (not verified)
pigskin ride

If all goes well for me w/ the family errands on Sat. I will be there on Sunday .

Ciao ,

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Geoffrey Radbill (not verified)
Count Me In (nm)
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Ron Grossberg (not verified)

count me in

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carl (not verified)

I'll do the B-19

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Ken Karn (not verified)

Looking forward to the ride

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Chaim Caron (not verified)

I'll join you for the 19.
Best regards, Chaim

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Claudette (not verified)
Any way we could start earler?

"10 am is awfully late. I'd be happy to lead if we could leave at 9 instead. I will likely go slow (16-17) since I am doing endurance training right now.

If not, I would propose an earlier ride for an ""earlier"" group if there is interest.

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Joe S. (not verified)


I've been leading this Sunday ride since early December, and there seems to be good demand for the 10am start (8 riders 12/24, 11 riders 12/17), so I'm not inclined to change the start time. If no one was showing up, I'd obviously re-think the start time.

Also, the ride is usually a B18, and I'd rather not start so early that I begin to conflict with Todd's longstanding Hogwich rides (as there are a few riders that could hang with Todd's group).

You are, of course, free to lead a ride at a time more suitable for you.


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Claudette (not verified)

I did not intend to hijack your ride. Just looking for some company.

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Jay (not verified)
I'll do the B17 (nm)
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Debbie Rothschild (not verified)
me too

I'm planning to be there as well. See you tomorrow.

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Al Taylor (not verified)

I'll do the 17.

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Philip (not verified)
Count me in...

...for the 19

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Clark Jones (not verified)
count me in

I plan to join the B17 unless I'm feeling unusually energetic..

Looking forward!

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