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Looking for suggestions for a doctor specializing in either Internal Medicine or Family Practice. Preferably Lower Manhattan. It would be great if they were cyclist as well.

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Rob (not verified)
Looking for a doctor

"I have been seeing my GP, Dr. Donald Bernstein, for about 10 years and think his service is excellent. He also treats my wife, sister and several of my friends. He is not a cyclist but has a great set of specialists in his netowrk that have treated us for everything from fertility problems to obesity. I like him because he is a big believer in the regenerative powers of the body and thinks that the world is a little ""over perscribed."" For instance, I have hypertension and my old doctor had me on 60mgs/day of one medication. Dr. Bernstein switched me to two different drugs - 5mg of one nd 7mg of the other - that are much more effective with no side effects. He's on 5th Ave and 8th Street."

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