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Does anyone know where to get a bike case built for 2 or recomendations for such a thing?

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me too (not verified)
double bike case

I have had a Bike Pro single case for over 10 years, it has been on many many overseas and domestic flights and is only now starting to show wear. It is soft-sided but (knock wood) Imy bike has only sufferd a few minor issues. The double case is great.

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David Schlichting (not verified)

My touring bike is a 65cm with a rack that is a total P.I.T.A. to install, so will in no way fit in one of those commercially available cases.
I saw these people at Interbike some years ago and eventually had them custom build a case for me. I think it was in the $500+ range. It's a bit heavy, but has served very well.
I'd only suggest that before you embark on this, that you consider the modes of transportation upon which this container will travel, that you do not get it with some issue of extra cost or unacceptability due to excess size, e.g. I had my case resized (I think that would be channeled in hot rod terms) in order to clear the baggage handling and x-ray machinery in use at my usual destination of the Swiss airports.

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