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Anonymous - Wonder if anyone has any experiences, good or bad. Thinking of buying a bike from them.

Also, does anyone have a recomendation (other than Craig's List) for a place to get a used road bike in the NYC area?

(Not that I don't love my beater.)


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Hector Roman (not verified)

About two years ago I bought a jersey and vest from the prostuff website. The guy (forgot his name) was very nice and reliable. He shipped promptly. Most of the stuff he sells is used but he described the items I purchased accurately and it's cheap enough. Hope this helps.

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tom (not verified)
Used Road Bike

Hi Jim -

Not sure how much you want to spend, but I have two road bikes for sale. The first is a BMC Pro Machine which is an all carbon frame and the second is a Pegoretti which is a steel frame. Both are barely ridden and are fully Campy record equipped. If you (or for that matter anyone else) is interested, let me know and I'll give you my cell number so that you can call. They are both down at Competitive Cyclist in Little Rock right now awaiting sale. The BMC is 53CM and the Pegoretti 54. I can provide photos of the Pegoretti frame and the built up BMC bike. The BMC has Zipp carbon wheels and a Power Tap.

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JIM N (not verified)

Hi Tom,

I am indeed in the market for a used road bike. If anyone has anything for sale, feel free to email me. Would love to buy a bike from a fellow NYCC member.

I ride a 58 or 59.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)


If you haven't tried this already, you might want to put your Pegoretti on the Serotta Forum classifieds. There's a lot of interest in Pegorettis over there. Here's a recent WTB for one in your size, and here's another."

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tom (not verified)

Thank you, Mordecai! I had not thought of this particular route. It's a gorgeous bike. The only reason I am selling it is that I want the new Responsorium which is (supposedly) going to be available in the Spring though with dario one never knows.

Again, many thanks.

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