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where would you go for a proffesional bike fit in nyc?

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Ron Thomson (not verified)
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Alon (not verified)

i did, but i was hoping to find someone, who can refer a bike shop with a good reputation for q perfect bike fit!

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ToeClipGuy (not verified)
Pro Fit recomendation

Signature Cycles in either the manhattan studio, or up in Central Valley.....I've spoken to people that were fitted at both locations and they have nothing but favorable things to say...check out their site at

PS. My nom was club given (OCBC)when I showed up for group rides wearing toe clips, and the A's couldn't shake me....

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Matt (not verified)

"Seriously, a search for ""bike fit,"" ""bike fitter,"" and ""bike fitting"" will yield many recommendations. And if anyone tells you they can peform a ""perfect fit,"" be very skeptical.

A good fitter will ask how you ride now and how you want to ride, if you have any injuries, imbalances, etc. Then he will fit you within a certain range based on his knowledge of physiology and bike fit. It may or may not work for you. And the way you feel on the bike is likely to change after riding that way for a while. So you need the freedom to go back to the fitter for a review.

Call around and find a fitter with whom you communiate well. That's the key."

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JIM N (not verified)
slightly off topic, but what do these fittings cost?

"I've seen $375 described as ""high"" in a previous thread on this subject.

Signature has several different levels of fit. I imagine they cost a lot.


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Marcia (not verified)

I second Signature.

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jc (not verified)
Another vote for Signature (nm)
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Jay (not verified)
You might get what you pay for

Not to beat an old horse to death (this has been discussed many times), but some higher priced fits come with more sophisticated systems. Now that Altheus is out of the picture, Signature is the only place I know of that uses both Dartfish video analysis, which allows analysis of angles/knee tracking dynamically while pedaling, and the Computrainer Spin Scan which looks at total wattage and individual leg contributions as well as smoothness of the pedal stroke (analysis of power at various points around the circle). This allows for objective data to evaluate each change in position during the fit process.

You can get cheaper fits than the 375 dollar fit at Signature, but I doubt they will include these sophisticated tools. No, I don't work at Signature and yes, I'm happy with the fit I had there about 3 months ago.

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