How many cyclists were killed in NYC in 2006? Answer below.

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  • How many cyclists were killed in NYC in 2006? Answer below.
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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

How many pedestrians and how many drivers killed? Then you need to know how many cyclists there are, how many pedestrians there are and how many drivers there are. Then you need to know how many miles they each travel and you can actually start to get something meaningful out of it.

Then it would be interesting to find out the skill level of those killed vs those not killed, (do skills save us if being more skilled tends to mean we're on the road more, thus exposing ourselves to more chances for mishaps?)

And to top it off– how much jail time for the killers? OK, tickets then?

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Joe S. (not verified)

How many licenses revoked? Barring intoxication, you'd probably have to kill 13 cyclists yourself to lose your license.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
I've always said...

"If I wanted to get away with murder, I'd run my victim over while cold sober and say, ""they just jumped out of nowhere!"" I'd never do a day in jail."

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Hannah (not verified)
more than 13

"TIME'S UP! has documented 14 cyclists killed in 2006. See . Chances are the figure is even higher, as many fatalities go unreported by the media, which is where TU gets most information. The average in recent years has been more than 20, and I for one see no sea changes that would cause a drastic drop. All the more reason to ride our bikes and work for change!


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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
My source (for 13) was T.A. (nm)
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Hannah (not verified)
13 is the new 14

"Actually, after the ride yesterday, TA heard from the wife of one of the supposed victims. He's alive! A forwarded message from Noah at TA reads:

""This morning, I had a message from Daisy Morales, the wife of Ivan
Morales, who was hit in the Bronx in January 2006. Daisy heard about the
memorial ride on News12 and called me to say that Ivan is alive! He was,
in fact, pronounced dead at the scene, but he was revived in the ER and
slowly recovered from the crash. I spoke to Ivan, and he was grateful
for our concern and told me that he's back on his bike and still loves
to ride."""

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