B18 - To Nyack or Piermont - 10am Wed, 1/3, at E.R. Statue

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  • B18 - To Nyack or Piermont - 10am Wed, 1/3, at E.R. Statue
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Another nice day in winter! Group concensus will decide if we go to Nyack or Piermont. Let's meet at the E.R. Statue, 72nd Street and Riverside.

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Morene (not verified)
maybe tomorrow instead?

Can't go Wed., but tomorrow's a definite for me. If you'd like to join, let me know. I'll check back in the a.m. before I go...not setting any alarms tomorrow, though; had not much sleep last night. Possibly 10ish, maybe even later.

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Geoffrey Radbill (not verified)

Ride posted for Wednesday, cause that's my day of choice. Unable to do ride today, but thanks for asking.

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Susan Nemens (not verified)
A ride on Monday, January 8th?

If anyone is interested in riding on Monday, Jan 8th, I would love to tag along. I'm intermediate and can do 50 miles in a day or so, but will be very happy with less.

I live opposite the ER statue in Riverside Park and can invite riders in for some hot cocoa or even wine after the ride.

Let me know if interested.


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Herb (not verified)

Geoffrey, I hope to be there.

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Jay (not verified)
I'll be there! (nm)
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