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"It doesn't support the proposed ""parade"" permit law but says that bikers should observe traffic laws."

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Shiran Pasternak (not verified)
A link to the editorial
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Sienna (not verified)

"""Cyclists"" and ""Critical Mass participants"" are two different groups. I wish ""the rest of them"" could understand that."

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Divide and conquer

"Ye gads, here we go again.

The New Yorker article started the latest refrain against supposedly sanctimonious cyclists, by falsely depicting the activist community as fractious and self-appointed vigilantes. Now the Times is whistling the tune.

Once again, the messenger is being shot for delivering the message.

I'm both an ordinary, recreational and commuting cyclist who respects the rights of other users of the road. I'm also a Critical Mass participant who regards the right to free speech and free assembly and to petition the government for redress as a fundamental right as a citizen.

So as long as people devolve to the level of ad hominem attack -- the lowest form of rhetoric -- the debate over NYC streets -- who has the right to use them, who is responsible for the high number of deaths -- will never go anywhere. Except to gain a minimum level of support for the NYPD to continue locking up ""outlaw"" cyclists, as they define them."

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