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"Hello All, there are a couple seats still available for our annual polar bear ride afterparty @ Villa Mantione. After the dip in the ocean, we will ride to my house and ,as in the past ,partake in some post ride food, fun ,drinks. A special for this year, ( providing I can get my slide projector to work) we will be showing a few slides from ...... 1981 !!! see if you can identify some of the club members from way back when ... One person I have a pic. of is the elusive "" Ed Swebber"" .yes the original and whose namesake has come to be associated w/ grease and oil on a person's clothes .... This year I need an exact count and connot accept ""solicitations @ the bardwalk' you must pre-register @ the above e-mail and I will confirm back to you ... hurry spots are going fast .
See youse all next year ..
Ciao ,Tony


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