Friday A18-19

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Anyone up for a Friday ride? Meet at the Boathouse at 9 or so, then River Road to Nyack and back 9W or 501. Maybe Bradley/Tweed on the way.

I'm flexible on details and will confirm on the message board Thursday night.

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Zenzi (not verified)

How far is that approximately? (I haven't memorized this info yet and have to run an errand in the early afternoon).

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Paul O'Donnell (not verified)
About 60 miles

Depending how far we go and the exact route, it's about 60 miles. I'm flexible as to the route and distance. I don't usually stop much and I would expect to be back by 1, and barring some problem, certainly by 2.

I'll be at the boathouse at 9. Let me know if you plan to make it.

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Arty (not verified)
count me out (nm)
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