Krazy Glue to fix tire tears?

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"I read on one of the cycling forums (perhaps or, I forget) the interesting suggestion that small tears (splits, rips, dings, whatever you call those tiny incisions that mung up the tread but don't expose the plies or tube) can be repaired by squirting a tiny amount of Krazy Glue (or was it Super Glue?) into the crack & then deflating the tire slightly until the glue dries.

Now, I have *never* heard a suggestion like this before, so my hooey detectors were humming. Bu t tonight during a routine inspection of my bike I was aghast (aghast, I tell you!) at how many small nicks I've put into my tires after a relatively short period of time. I've got 823 miles on this set of Conti Attack/Force tires and there are already n early a dozen small (generally between 1/8"" & 1/4"") nicks in each tire! And before these I had Hutchinson Fusions which only got 1820 miles before they were so populated with these tiny rips the LBS deemed them unsafe to ride on. (Possible ulterior motive of the LBS being a topic for a separate thread, please.)

So, Krazy Glue? Is that...Krazy??"

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Not krazy at all. That remedy has been around awhile. Also try Shoe Goo

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[email protected] (not verified)
I do it.

"But it may not be the best idea as hardened KG could act like a glass shard and actually precipitate a puncture. It hasn't happened to me but I run much thicker tires than your ultra-thin A/Fs.

A better, albeit pricer choice, would be a softer wound care product from the Cyanoacrylate family:


google search

A third option, which I haven't tried, but looks promising would be ""Shoe Goo"" which is used to repair running shoes. Soft. Cheap.

Shoe Goo

Paragon Sporting Goods carries it."

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Bob Ross (not verified)
Shoe Goo! Who'd have thunk?

Wow, I had a tube of Shoe Goo floating around in my junk drawer for 15+ years, only threw it out recently because it had completely hardened from disuse. Thanks for the suggestion.

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