Hogwich 12/24

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not much to say
worked it out for
another lovely day
same ride as last week
and the week before that
no stops till our regroup
after little tor
9W to Toga then home
should be back at the bridge by noon


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
In response to Todd

"i feel great,
have been riding regularly
(at least 5 miles a day)
and look forward
to doing your ride sunday.
the ride sounds like
it could be a challenge,
but i'm definitely up for it.


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Robert Marcus (not verified)

I also feel great.

Now if only I rode as great as Mordecai, then that would REALLY BE GREAT.


PS, Actually had a spill last nite on Road Sludge (food residue) so I am a bit busted up. The bike is okay, Left Shifter needs straightening.

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Colleen (not verified)
also in response to Todd

home obligations
little time for little tor
back in o seven

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David Neff (not verified)
Sunday 12/24 ride

splitting tire
unrelated to acrobatic cyclists
dusted at race pace

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bikesherpa (not verified)

Poetic example of cycling haiku.

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JIM N (not verified)

Sun rise in the east,
Dropped on a smaller hill climb
A leaf in my spokes.

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bikesherpa (not verified)

Lone goose flying south.
Pee break at bottom of hill;
tail wind takes us home.

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Zenzi (not verified)

Out of bed early
Turn pedals furiously
Still three minutes late

and its my own damn fault. Maybe next week...
or do any of you A18-20s feel like riding tomorrow (12/25) before the rain hits?

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Bob Ross (not verified)
re: feel like riding tomorrow (12/25) before the rain hits?

I would love to find a ride for tomorrow (12/25) before the rain hits.

Uh...when is the rain supposed to hit? Last I looked it was supposed to rain all day. (Admittedly I have not looked recently; been too busy looking for hidden gifts from Missus Claus.)

That which does not kill me makes me stronger, so I'm up for anything. Except being killed, of course.

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