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Having gone through surgery for a torn thumb ligament from a bike crash on 7-2-06, I may also need surgery for a partially torn rotator cuff from the crash. I would appreciate a recommendation of a shoulder specialist that anyone would care to make so that I can get another opinion.

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Skip (not verified)

Steven Fealy at HSS. He only does shoulders & elbows.

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Ron Torok (not verified)
Hope your doing well

Russell Warren - surgically repaired a complicated collar bone break and has evaluated my torn cuff and labrum.

I think he is the most senior ortho guy at HSS and happens to be the surgeon for the NY Giants.

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ed vroom (not verified)

I used Jerry Lubliner to repair bith shoulders.he is
connected to Hosp.for Joint Diseases which is up there with Special Surgery for orthopaedics.Also
Hosp.for Special Surgery has a great group of shoulder docs.You can try Dr.Ainsworth Allen.He works
with Altchuk who is the shoulder guy for the Mets.

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Linda Siegel (not verified)
rotator cuff injury.

The type of insurance plays into who you can ask to do the surgery. Not all doctors accept insurance. If you want a private doctor I would recomend Dr. Lamount at NYU. The way you do rehabilation is equally as important as the surgon. Most rehabilitation you need to know how and do yourself. Physical therapy only does aboiut 10% of what you need to do
I broke my clavicle July 1, 2006 biking to Nyak. It's an easy surgery so i wasn't worried who i would let do it. Jan 5 2007 I am getting the hardware removed. As a massage therapist I knew how to rehabilitate myself.. I was up and working after 5 weeks of the surgery. (Only because of what I did to speed the recovery). I had the clavicle done by Dr. Gidumal also NYU. If you feel like a conversation would help clarify more you can call me at 212 475-6940. If I'm not home leave your phone # and I'll call you back.

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Joe S. (not verified)
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Carol Wood (not verified)
Second Orrin Sherman

After suffering for six months with hip pain, I got a referral to Dr. Sherman at NYU. He squeezed me in right before Thanksgiving, diagnosed the SI problem, and prescribed physical therapy, with other options if that didn't work. It worked immediately. He was also kind and thoughtful. I am ever so grateful to him.

Good luck, Rick.

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karen reich (not verified)
shoulder specialist

"I had severe shoulder pain and told that I either had a torn rotator cuff of ""frozen shoulder."" My doctor is at Beth Israel, Dr. Steven Arsht, a kneee and shoulder guy. His phone number is 212 844-6755. He gave me a cortisone shot and for the past couple of months I have been fine. I think he would be a good person for you to consult with."

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Brad Ensminger (not verified)
Dr. David Altchek

Hello Rick,

A number of years ago I saw Dr. David W. Altchek at the Hospital for Special Surgery. He was the team orthopedist for the NY Mets and specializes in shoulders.

My condition improved on its own, so I never needed surgery.

He came highly recommended-- he was a bit brusque in his manner-- but has a successful practice working on shoulders.

Good luck with this!

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David Neff (not verified)
Shoulder surgery

Last year I had surgery at Beth Israel with Dr. Peter McCann. Partially detached labrum and a bunch of other torn stuff. He had me in PT for six months before reccomending surgery... went well, followed with four months of PT and quite happy with the results though the PT is quite painful.
Good luck


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Claudette (not verified)
Frances Cuomo

She is outstanding. An excellent shoulder surgeon --one of the top in the country. She is the Chief of the Shoulder and Elbow service at Beth Israel. Unsure of which insurances she accepts, but I think she takes a lot of plans.

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Tom Laskey (not verified)

I had shoulder surgery about 1 year ago, Struan Coleman was the doc. Very easy going, did not try to push me into surgery. Operation was done out patient at HSS. Great facility, great team. All in all, a big success.

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Claudette (not verified)
Struan, Steve, Altchek

I trained with all three. They are great. Struan is a terrific guy, also. Ask about the rehab protocol for each, which is likely the most important part of the whole deal.

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Rick Braun (not verified)
appointment made

with one of your recommended doctors. Thanks for your recommendations and concern!

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